July 01, 2019

Man, or in other self-centered and haughty words, the most intelligent being in the Universe is a product of an intelligence, which capabilities and potential we are unable to define in any way. This is not about any religious dogmas, but rather about a philosophical reasoning based on logic and facts. We cannot define the intelligence of nature not because we are stupid, but because the product can never be something more than its source. Similarly, man cannot surpass the nature which created him.


Even though incapable of seeing the full intellect of nature, we can contemplate and understand atleast a part of it through science, that is our inherent desire to know through observation and analysis of the world around us. Today we know that nature contains within itself the energy which begets all atoms, molecules, macromolecules and so on upto all of the living and non-living matter. For any matter to be created, some kind of a working model with infinite precision must be existent. The creation of atoms for example, is manifested through 2 of the 4 main forces known in physics - electromagnetism and the strong force, which hold the nucleus and the electrons around it into a whole. Another force is gravity, which acts with precise force everywhere within the Universe. Its force is so precise that it makes possible the formation of stars and their planets without them flying into space or collapsing onto themselves, but rather to be held into solar systems and galaxies.


All these conditions were necessary in order for the circumstances which beget the first organism to be manifested. Whether we support Darwin's theory of evolution or not is of no importance, the fact that nature is intelligent enough to create the conditions for the birth of a living being is undeniable. Following this line of thought, man is a product of nature who experiences the world around him, which is also a product of nature itself. Or in other words, man is nature experiencing itself through him and every other living being.


Enough about the human body, what about the human intelligence? Man perceives the world around him through his five senses. The information which reaches his mind defines his thoughts and therefore his character. His character determines his destiny and therefore his whole life experience. Depending on the geographical location and the environment in which the individual is born, he will have a certain intellect. But every environment is also a part of the world created by nature. Therefore, both the body and the mind of a person are completely products of nature.

Every time man is angry or complains he doesn't want something which had happened, something that is happening, or something that will happen, to happen. Isn't it true however that every action has its consequences? From nature's perspective everything is happening the way it is supposed to happen. From the individual's point of view the situation in which he resides could seem unjust, because the action of another person can have negative consequences on his life experience. But because everyone and everything is a product of nature, she sees all existence as one organism. Take the human body for example, even though it is composed of billions of individual cells, the action of one cell can manifest its consequences onto other cells. Thus every time man complains or is angry, he is in conflict with nature, which sees the consequences of every action, regardless of its origin, for everything is a part of the whole. To complain that some day you will die is unjust by itself, for that which you are and your whole life experience is given to you by nature, therefore it is just to give back what you owe when the source asks it back, whether it is after 1 day or 100 years. Nothing really belongs to you. Everything that you think is yours, is but the product of your silly little prejudices and self-centered attitude. Your thoughts, your job, your possessions, your memories, your body, are all products of nature.

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