June 05, 2019

Each person possesses an intellect. Using it, he makes decisions, which he manifests in his actions and therefore shapes his reality. Decisions are choices, choices are thoughts and thoughts are compilations of knowledge. The creation of the computer, exploring the human brain, writing a letter, the very act of speech, all these human endeavours are but products of the human intelligence.


The human intellect however, remains forever limited. All thoughts, which we are capable of creating through our mind, are within the boundaries of our knowledge, and our knowledge is limited. With each day passing by we expand our capacity for thinking by gathering more knowledge, but each day our intellect has some boundaries outside of which it cannot think. An unlimited intelligence would therefore be an intellect containing within itself the knowledge of that from which all things emerge. For example, the doctor could research the human anatomy in thousands of different ways, but if he has complete knowledge regarding DNA, which creates the human body, he wouldn't need to learn all human parts separately in order to understand how the body is created. DNA is the cause, the human body is the effect. If man knows the cause, he would know what would be the effect. The human brain functions in a way creating its own individual subjective reality. Therefore every person has his own created reality, which is based on his personal prejudices, opinions, views and beliefs. Since that is true, then the conflict between people is inevitable, and when there is conflict the objective reality, the way it is, cannot be perceived. The rain is a blessing for the thirsty and a curse for the traveler. Both perceive the rain as a different reality, but the objective truth in this case is the fact that it rains - nothing more, nothing less.


This principle when applied to life would mean that opposites do not exist, all opposites are different manifestations of the same source. Regardless how important we think we are, whatever silly little things that we can do, thinking highly of ourselves, the objective truth remains the same, namely the fact that all things which we could every accomplish are extremely insignificant and small compared to Life itself. It is thanks to Life that we are capable of creating the television, of going to Hawaii, of running, of building, of loving, of laughing, of crying. In order to experience all such things, the potential for their existence must be contained within Life itself. Therefore the ultimate objective reality is Life which holds the potential about everything that could be done, felt, invented and experienced. And since Life is the source of everything there is, then it should also be the unlimited intelligence. It is unlimited "intelligence", because what we consider to be "intelligence", from our earthly perspective, is the capability of working with a certain information with the purpose of creating something meaningful, beautiful and useful out of it. Life, containing the information within itself about every existence, manages to work with it in the most magnificent way possible, thus we see created stars, planets, plants, animals and humans capable of thinking, feeling and acting. If Life itself has the potential to create a whole Universe, including ourselves, then our personal, individual, subjective, material life when compared to the unlimited intelligence couldn't be much more than the life of a unicellular organism in comparsion to our human capacity.

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