April 28, 2019

The idea of free will comes out of life itself, in fact if man is not alive he could not have any idea. We define life as the union between our ability to perceive the physical world - images, flavors, scents, sensations and sounds, and our ability to react and act accordingly. The primitive man can be found within these frames, acting based on his irrational sensations and emotions.


The individual living as a slave to the physical part of himself is no different than the animal living to preserve his body and his kind. The animal therefore, is incapable of thinking outside the boundaries of its needs and pleasures, it has no free will on its own. The animal's free will is within the boundaries of thoughts and ideas about survival and reproduction. Every idea represents a compilation of thoughts, and the idea determines the action - every action, before it had turned into such, was only but an idea within our mind. When our thoughts are being stimulated and determined by the world around us the idea of free will cannot exist. Because the ideas within our mind determine our actions, to have the mind controlled by outside happenings is to be a slave to the physical world. When man is in such a state of living he perceives his miseries as his destiny and not as his own doings for he is incapable of thinking about the consequences of his actions, that is to say - he is not conscious of life. Such an individual does what first comes into his mind through his emotion, remaining ignorant of the other possibilities. Free will is the human capability to create thoughts different from those which our primitive Self is striving towards when being stimulated by the outside world. He who is capable of thinking about things outside the ideas of survival, reproduction, pleasure and overpower is reasonable and therefore much more free. He does not let the world around him define his thoughts, ideas, actions and goals in life. The bigger the reason's capacity within the individual, the more free he is. 


Therefore, from this perspective, the reasonable man is the one who has free will, because of the fact that he leads his life through the rational faculty within his constitution, or in other words - he does not turn his first thought to pop-up in his mind, because of emotions and needs, into actions, instead he contemplates the situation and takes into consideration the consequences of his actions to make a decision based on the results. From what was said so far, we conclude through a natural way, that free will is nothing more but the man's capability to create ideas outside the boundaries of the thoughts about his physical needs, as well as to make an adequate decision based on rationalism. From another perspective however, even the most reasonable man has no free will, but just as the primitive man, he is placed into certain boundaries, outisde of which he cannot think. Just as the animal cannot think outside of the boundaries of its physical needs and emotions, so the reasonable man cannot think outside the boundaries of Creation. Man can know everything about the world, but this knowledge will always have a limit. Even the most reasonable man cannot think outside of that which is the only existence. Can man imagine or even think about something which he has never experienced through his five senses? 

Even if we have knowledge vast enough to think about the whole Creation, we can never think or imagine something outside of it - we are limited into the boundaries of the existing Universe. We cannot imagine a Universe with different laws and different types of life, which instead of mind and body, have different constituion. We can think about flying like birds, but we cannot manifest this idea into an action for we are limited by gravity. The very laws of the physical Universe in which we live, are limiting our free will. For one to be be completely free he must have the capability to create a boundless idea and be able to manifest it as action into the physical world. Therefore from this perspective, free will becomes an impossible goal, and from our humanly point of view, free will then remains nothing more but the opportunity to fulfill our duty, that is to say - to become the best version of ourselves.

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