April 09, 2019

Hinduism is considered the most ancient religion in the world. Even though it is placed under the category of "religion", it is actually a way of life based on many philosophies and teachings. Hinduism distinguishes itself from other religions by the fact that its explanations about life, the world, man and creation itself are proven to be more and more precise with the advancement of modern technology.


From the perspective of this religion, our Universe owes its creation to two main qualities - a force capable of creating and a force which makes the world conscious. These two qualities are considered to be the manifestation of that, which they refer to as "Sat" or "Brahman", or that which the christians call "God", that which the kabbalists call "Ein Soph", that which the hermeticists call "The Whole", etc. According to hindus the real nature of Sat cannot be known, it can only be an object of thought through its manifestations. Through the first of God's qualities (Force of Creation) the Universe was begotten. The creation of the Universe came out of the sound "Aum" (OM), or that which the christians call "the word of God - Amen". From this peculiar sound - time, space and energy were manifested, thus the different spheres (dimensions) of existence were created. In our dimension, or sphere, the energy takes the form of atoms. Through this religion's perspective - time, space and energy are one and the same thing looked at from different angles. This knowledge in hinduism dates back from many thousands of years ago, therefore people back then did not made any sense, or understood properly the meaning behind it, atleast not as we do now.


In the 20th century however, science discovered that time and space are not separate, and the energy, which creates all matter, is part of spacetime itself - it had always existed alongside them. This is the first fact that the ancient hindus seem to had known without our modern technology. According to this religion the sound "Aum", which begot the world through time, space and energy, is manifested in the form of vibrations. This became the second fact which science established to be true when quantum physics made the discovery that the energy, which creates everything in the Universe, is nothing but a compilation of different vibrational frequencies. 


The second quality of Sat, as we have said earlier, is the Force of Consciousness (Chit). Creation, from the perspective of this religion, could not have had happened without those two qualities - creation of the universe and consciousness to manifest it as reality. Consciousness is the quality of Sat, which when enters into contact with the Force of Creation, or in other words - with the created Universe, begets the individual consciousness by making the energy alive; this individual consciousness is refered to as "Chitta". With the existence of space and time separation is begotten automatically, because of the different periods and locations created by it. When there is energy to create objects, then every object is bound to exist within different period of time or different location in space - individuality becomes inevitable. If there is no time, space and energy, there is no individuality as well. And if there is no individuality, Chitta, or in other words - a soul which is capable of consciously experiencing the Universe, cannot exist. This is the third fact which was discovered by science. One of the biggest scientific discoveries is that the Universe exist only as a potential, but not as an objective reality, if consciousness is not present. Meaning that when consciousness (Chitta) is present, the vibrations which create the world, enters it and are literally converted into a reality, thus we have an "experience".

Therefore science seems to find more and more truth in the words of hinduism - consciousness and the universe have to be in contact in order for life to exist. In the individual consciousness/soul known as "Chitta", "Buddhi" (the intellect) is being born - the quality of the human soul which is capable of thinking. Out of our thoughts "Ahamkara" - our identifications, which create the Ego, is born. And the information which the intellect uses to think and create our identifications are aquired through "Manas" - the bodily senses, which capture the existence of everything around us and delivers it to our consciousness (Chitta) for perceiving.

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