April 08, 2019

Every object has these three qualities - it can be made, it can be used and it can be imitated. The harp for example, is an object that is made and used to create music, but it can also be imitated by drawing. And isn't it true, that the unchangeable is more real than that which is subjected to change in its nature? In order for something to be true it must be a constant, eternal and permanent in its nature. And isn't it true that an eternal object is also the truth?

An example would perhaps make such statements more clear. If we look at a caterpillar it would be true to say that this organism is indeed a caterpillar. After a while however, the caterpillar will become a butterfly and the statement that this organism is a caterpillar will no longer be the truth. Both the caterpillar and the butterfly however, emerge from one and the same organism. Therefore the forms of the organism are only temporary and not the truth, while the organism behind the forms is always the same, thus it is the truth in this whole example. It is also true to say that there are changable and temporary forms, because there is a truth behind them.


Music by itself is the truth, whether there is an object through which it can be expressed or not, she exists eternally. Music is a compilation of sounds, she is a potential inherent in life itself and man is the one who chooses whether to take advantage of that potential or not, but regardless of his choice music will be forever existing as a part of life. Therefore in the case of the harp, the music which it creates is the eternal and the truth, while the harp is the form, or in other words - because there is music, there are different forms manifested to express that truth. If there were no such thing as "sound" in life, all forms that create music would have not existed, thus music is the truth and the forms which express it are the illusion for they are subjected to change and are temporary. And isn't it true that an illusion is a synonym of a "lie"? And isn't it true that a lie is only but the disguise of the truth? A lie cannot exist if there is no truth to disguise. Can man make a truth out of a lie? If an individual lies about creating the sun can he make a truth out of that lie? - No. But whatever a man does or says can be disguised with a lie. Therefore the truth always precedes the lie.


Having said this then, the lie finds its source within the truth, and because the product can never contain more beingness than its source, then the lie can never be as glorious as the truth. If we take a scientist for example, he can create a magnificent machine and that machine would be his product, but that product would hever be able to reveal its creator in his full glory. Therefore the lie is only but a shadow, while the truth is reality, just as the hologram of a certain object is only its image, but not the object itself. Since the truth is reality and the lie is illusion, then the truth must be far more magnificent than the illusion, just as the mountain is far more magnificent than its shadow.

If that's true then, we have proved that the truth also brings more pleasure than the lie, because man feels more pleasure when he sees the mountain itself and not only its shadow. That which brings pleasure to man we call "good", and that which brings misery to man we call "evil", therefore the truth is also the ultimate goodness.


If the truth is the source of the lie, then the truth must also be the ultimate beauty, while the lie, in its attempt to cover the truth, must be ugly in comparison. And because the truth is beautiful, good and real, and the lie is ugly, evil and illusionary, then the noble man should seek the truth if he wishes to live a life filled with pleasure, goodness and beauty.

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