March 24, 2019

According to Aristotle's worldview every thing has a source, materiality, form and an end. A seed for example, is the tree's source, its materiality are all the elements which constitutes it, its form is that which the seed represents at the current time frame, and its end is that which it will be when it reaches its full potential. Basically everything known to mankind has its source. The very idea of self-creation is unknown to us. If something is to be created by itself that means it had to exist before it created itself and from our earthly perspective that is not possible.


Every thing also has a certain accumulation of beingness in it and every thing is capable of creating only something which has less or equal beingness to its own self. In  other words, nothing can create something more than itself - the tree cannot beget an animal, man cannot beget a solar system, a rock cannot beget a plant, etc. Every piece of life has an intellect within itself which is capable of creating something less or equal in beingness to itself, but never capable of creating something with more beingness than itself.

By viewing the world around us we perceive that every piece of life has a different degree of beingness in itself - a rock has less beingness than a tree, which on the other hand, has less beingness than an animal, then comes man, the planet, the Universe, etc., therefore we conclude that every thing is created by something with more beingness than the thing created. The tree is a product of our planet, our planet is a product of the sun, the sun is a product of the intelligence behind the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong force, weak force and the energy within the Universe. Following this line of reasoning, everything then, was begotten by something with more beingness than itself, and by trying to trace this logic until the very beginning of everything we can go onto infinity in the search for the source of Life.


The very idea of ending this endless search is also outside of man's intellectual understanding. If we imagine that there is some source, which stores the potential for all beingness in the Universe and that it is the final destination of our search for the origin of life, then this source must have its own source, because nothing known to us can be self-created and we are once again back to our infinite search for the beginning of everything. If we then imagine theoretically that it is possible for something to beget something else with more beingness than itself, we are confronted with the question "where does the additional difference in the beingness is coming from?" For example, if the number 1 begets another number with more beingness than itself, say 3, then we are confronted with the fact that the difference in the beingness of 2 was begotten out of nothing and this directly contradicts what we just said - that nothing can create itself out of nothing, thus we reach the conclusion that begetting something with more beingness than the source is not possible.

The only way out of this endless cycle of thoughts is the idea of eternity, that the source of Life had always existed and will forever exist, that it was never begotten, nor it will ever be destroyed. And because this solution, by itself, remains forever incomprehensible for man, every attempt to define, explain or illustrate the source of everything will be ridiculous.

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