February 28, 2019

Every individual has its own interests. The tree has interest towards sunlight and water, animals towards food and reproduction, men defines his interests based on the tradition in which he grew up. Regardless the difference between interests, they all require specific arts through which they are to be satisfied. The individual who's interest is to be a painter must possess the art of painting, the practical physicist must possess the art of working with high-tech machines, the animal must possess the art of hunting, the plant must possess the art of consuming sunlight and water. Therefore every art is a tool through which the individual satisfies his own interests.


Art, by itself, is perfect and man is the one who, if able to master it completely, will accomplish his desires fully. The art of painting by itself exist as a part of life, but man is the one who has to grasp it in order to call himself a painter. But isn't it true that every art is a constitution of many other lesser arts, even though they may seem to be separate at first glance? What does the painter has to do with the practical physicist? Looked from a higher perspective however, they reveal themselves to be a part of something greater. Isn't it the art of being a basketball player a compilation by the arts of running, jumping, coordination, dribbling, shooting, passing, analyzing, team play and quick decision-making? Isn't it the art of painting constituted by the arts of working with the brushes, being steady, being creative, etc.? Each art could be infinitely fragmented into lesser arts. Life then, is this one art, which when being fragmented, creates all other lesse arts known to every individual, whether it is a rock, plant, animal or human. Life is the art which contains all other arts. Remember now, when we said that every individual strives to master a certain art only when it is in his own interest? Then, is the creation of Life (the Universe itself) also a manifestation by some kind of art, based on some kind of interest unknown to man?

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