February 04, 2019

The word detachment by itself means to be separate from something. When this term is used in spiritual context it holds very profound meaning. When we talk about "detachment" in this sense, we usually mean to separate ourselves from all that is not us, so only that which is us remains.


All physical possessions that we have gathered and earned are ours, but they are not us. Even our body exists thanks to our parents and the divine intelligence behind the phenomena of procreating. What breathes life into the body however, is the human soul that carries the individual mind. Every person possess a mind capable of understanding, perceiving and thinking. All products of the mind are happening within our consciousness. Each individual has constitued his own mental world through his five senses. What he hears, smells, tastes, touches and sees he memorizes, thus the memories of every person are different depending on his culture and education.

All ideas, prejudices, beliefs, knowledge and experiences man classifies as "him". Looked from a different perspective however, it becomes obvious that each person is a bundle of memories which are his, but are not him. Whatever thought you may produce with your knowledge and understanding are not you, your body is not yours also. When one identifies himself with his bundle of mental and physical memories, he believes that to be his existence, therefore whatever threatens that existence the individual feels the need to escape from or eliminate. This attachment to false perceptions about who and what we are keeps us blinded and in constant thinking about mundane things - career, money, car, house, lovers, etc. Once identified with those unlasting things, it becomes hard to detach ourselves from our own mental constructs which purpose's are to preserve that identification.


If one desires to know the nature behind the veil of his false identifications the individual must "kill" himself, or in other words - to kill his false "Ego" which he thinks is "Him". The accomplishing of this task naturally brings about detachment of our Self from every other thing in Life, whether it is material or mental. To be detached from physical possessions or mental richness does not mean to be uninterested or think of them as vices. The physical world, by itself, and everything that comes with it, is part of Life, of Creation. It is just that the individual must know what is Him and what is not Him, when to use his mind and when not to use it, what to enjoy and what to avoid, thus a perfect balance is established. Finding and knowing our true selves is not a reason to try and deny the physical world or think of it as unnecessary part of Creation. While we are here, we are bound to its laws and we must respect and revere the intelligence behind everything around us, keeping a clear mind to what we are simultaneously.

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