January 04, 2019

Alchemy is one of the two most ancient sciences, the other one being astrology. The term "alchemy" is speculated to derive from the ancient hebrew, egypt and greek syllable "El" symbolizing a deity's name, such as "Elohim", and the term "chemistry". Therefore the term "alchemy" means "divine chemistry". Another speculation for this term's meaning is Al-Khemia, where "Khem-et" is translated as Egypt. If we consider chemistry as the science which handles the basic physical elements, then alchemy represents the handling of elements transcendending the physical.


One of the greatest alchemical proverbs is "Nothing comes from nothing." Alchemy does not mean creating something out of nothing, but rather the work with the principles, laws and processes of Nature. A seed when sown in the right soil is transformed in such a way that it becomes thousand times bigger and glorious by taking the form of a tree. This ancient science postulate that in the "Dark Earth" (the space of the cosmos in which the physical part of Creation takes palce) the seed of Divinity was sown, which transformed itself into the tangible for us Universe. Ancient adepts in alchemy postulated that principles which are valid in one world can also be applied in all worlds within Creation, for everything draws life from the same roots, thus the second hermetic principle states "As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within." Just as Hermeticism, Kabbalah and Hinduism, so is Alchemy dividing the existing macrocosmic worlds into a unity of tree, but not less important is the division of the material worlds from their perspective - The world of Rocks, The world of Plants, The world of Animals and The world of Humans. Each one of those worlds undergoes its own evolution which purpose is perfection. But even though all those 4 physical worlds share the same space (our planet) they are separate in terms of evolution - the end result within the world of Rocks is the most magnificent stone, and not the creation of the first plant, animal or human.


Each stone being in the right conditions contains the potential to transform itself into a diamond. Every type of crystal emerges from a simple stone subjected to different conditions - temperature, pressure and humidity. Therefore every rock is analogical to a seed which contains within itself the potential to be everything - from a simple quartz to a diamond, as long as it is sown in the right soil. In all four physical worlds this principle applies itself with full force. A seed within the world of Plants contains within itself the potential and the intellect to be every possible plant/tree, but a certain part of this potential is dominant, thus the seed begets only a certain plant or a tree. The alchemist is a person which wields the art of working with the potential within the seed so he can manifest every possibility inherent within the seed by will - this process is termed as "transmutation". Such artist works with the already present divine intellect within every element so through the art of Alchemy he can transmute base metals into gold, for every base metal contains the intellect of all existing metals within it waiting to be manifested through the right conditions.


The greatest alchemist of all is Nature itself for she performs transmutation with each passing moment. Nature constantly turns base elements into precious gems within the core of our planet in the span of millions of years, she constantly begets vegetation and breathes life to all that abide her ground. Man being the most sophisticated product of life represents a miniscule variant of the cosmos as he contains within himself all elements, minerals and principles abiding within all other physical and non-physical worlds of Creation. His blood contains elements such as iron from the world of Rocks, his organs contain the qualities of the animal world and he is dependent on air, sunlight and water, just as plants are. Man also has all non-physical qualities - Mind in the form of thoughts and emotions based on memories, and Soul - the driver of the body, therefore man really is a microcosm. The human being performs alchemical processes daily. The simplest example would be the transmutation of the essential nutrients into energy by the digestive system.


Because the process of transmutation through the art of alchemy, or in other words - the transformation of one element into another by working with the already inherent intellect within it, is valid for all levels of Creatiopn. This therefore concludes that this art can be applied to all of them, including the mental and spiritual levels. Even though one can be ignorant, he contains within himself the universal intellect which must be awakened and thereby transform ignorance into gold (wisdom). On a spiritual level this part of the human constitution termed "Soul", which is the spiritual seed within man, must grow to the size of the macrocosm; the result being that which the buddhists call "Nirvana", that which the qabbalists call "experiencing Keter", that which the christians call "the completion of the great work", that which the hindu yogis call "Shiva" - oneness within infinity, deprived of any boundaries. The way to accomplishing this unification is through the egyptian principle of Ma'at - life filled with truth, balance, order, harmony, law, moral and justice, so after death when Anubis weights the human heart (symbolizing the Soul) it must be as light as a feather.

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