January 20, 2019

What does it mean to be "an individual", to be yourself? Is it your body? Your knowledge? Your beliefs? Your desires? Your prejudices? Your thoughts? Your character? Your will? Isn't it all those things that make up the individual? - A collection of certain qualities and characteristics, which define a human being as different from the rest.


Every person has a body, which is part of his unique "individuality". Regardless of how a body looks like however, in the core of every single one resides an intelligence, called "genes", that creates it, and this intelligence does not belong to you as it is what makes you "You" - the character in the story does not own his author. 


Every single thought is a product of the information which one has gathered from the world around him through listening, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling. Thinking is a constant process in man's life - thinking about a career, a family, dreams, goals, future events, past events, etc. All of those thoughts are products of the information gathered from the outside world in the form of memories. Therefore the body is not yours, your thoughts, desires and prejudices that make up your overall character are not yours, but are all gatherings from Life itself.


The body, along with our character, are a product of the Life within the Universe. The only thing that belongs to man is the container in which he stores his whole life experience, or in other words the "consciousness". This is the only thing which belongs to every single person in the Universe. Consciousness is the only thing which is not a product of the world around us and every experience of Life is happening within it. When the body dies and the character gathered through it decays, that which remains is the eternal and immortal consciousness within every man, which has no "individuality", as consciousness itself is deprived of body, thoughts and everything that makes something or someone an "individual". Therefore consciousness does not belong to someone or something, because to be "someone" or "something" means to be an "individual". In order for something to belong to somebody, that somebody must have had created the something, and since "individuality" is begotten within consciousness, every individual is happening within the same consciousness. Thus consciousness in this line of thought, is every-one and every-thing in the Universe, as the whole experience of Life and every Individuality is happening within it.

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