January 29, 2019

Philosophy bestows life for it reveals the dignity and purpose of life. Materiality bestows death for it clouds the faculties of the human soul through which it understands. Blessed is the nation gifted with illuminated thinkers, because thanks to them it is remembered forever. Undeniable is the fact that the ancient thinkers of Greece, Egypt and India were never exceeded in reasoning, not even today. Even after thousands of years the world remembers those nations, honors and learns from their knowledge, ethics, aesthetics and intellectualism.


In the 21th century, man, an exalted creature, in his effort to be true to false standards, turns his back to his inherited right to understand, ignorant of the consequences, and dives into the whirlpool of material illusion; he strives to be a lasting power in a world of unlasting things. In the reverence of his material senses, the fool stays ignorant of his true nature until the moment of his death.

It is through the senses that the body functions, it is through them that man becomes a part of this world. The body, being in its home (the material world), strives to make itself comfortable, therefore it imposes its needs and desires upon the human soul. The desire of sexual pleasure clouds the human reason and intuition making him do all that is necessary to fulfill it. Depending on the period and environment in which man lives, he would direct his efforts towards aquiring money, physical strength, overpower and every other material quality which may assist him in satisfying his beastly needs. The need of food by the body makes man do whatever necessary so he can put something in his mouth, even if that means taking the life of another living being whatever it may be. The more the individual exercises the life of a slave to his bodily desires, the more he remains ignorant towards the transcendental faculties within his human constitution. The average person is grabbed so tightly by the illusion of the material world that the qualities of his soul are completely forgotten. The complete devotion to thoughts of perversion, food, work, money, career, family and all things which man forgets are unlasting, become of primary importance to him, thus the individual forgets the existence of that thing within him which transcends his morals, purposes and ideals.


From a cosmic perspective the modern man seems like a pathetic creature which, in his insignificant 80-years time span, sells that which is the priceless, eternal and immortal within himself for a moment of fame and pleasure. The chaining of the reason and its rational faculties by the body leads to the most disgusting vice - ignorance. From ignorance "the greatest thinkers" of our times have announced the Universe to have no purpose behind its creation, individualism to be a random arrangement of cells, immortality to be the work of man's imagination, all ancient illuminated mystics to be suffering from epilepsy and all saints from antiquity to be suffering from neurosis. Judging by the current intellect of mankind we surely cannot compare ourselves to those men of antiquity when the individual's nobility was determined by his rational faculties instead of his social and material status. In this ancient period of history where to be a disciple of a philosopher was considered the greatest privilege one could have, for the philosopher is him who trains the reason to comprehend and contemplate the fundamental truths of life. Those truths that when man understands, becomes a demigod, for he becomes aware of his own human constitution and regardless of what life throws at him he is ever equipped with reason capable of handling it with grace.

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