December 25, 2018

Words like "perfection" and "beauty" conceal a great amount of knowledge. Our common misuse of them however, seem to have devalued their meanings. We often apply those terms to things, places, people or ideas which have nothing to do with what beauty and perfection actually mean.


The first quality of a Perfect object is that its composing parts are arranged to work in the most harmonious way possible. The second being the capability to produce an identical effect upon everything and everyone. He, who tries to accomplish his objectives, may believe that they are indeed perfect for they bring him purpose in life. His objectives however, may seem useless to others, therefore what he believes to be perfect is only such within his subjective mind. Every object, idea, place and being produce non-identical effects upon every individual, therefore none of the tangible for us things are ever perfect. The only Perfection is Life itself, for everything within it is subjected to its laws and works in the most harmonious way known to man. Life is Perfection for it also produces the same effect upon everything that exists - the very experience of Creation. Every being experiences the world through Life, and it is up to us to decide what to do with it. Whether we make our experience of Creation joyful or miserable, it is still the same effect applied onto us - Life. 


Life is an infinite number of possibilities. Since every being sees life through his own subjective mind, then it would be true to say that in order for something to produce an identical effect upon all beings, that "some-thing" must store infinity within itself so it can please every possible desire. Only the infinite can please the subjective mind of every being, for it stores an infinite amount of potential to do so. And because nothing then, is limited or hindered, every being can experience whatever it desires. That is Life, and its effect upon every being is the capability to experience infinity. Thus Life is the only Perfect thing in which everything moves in perfect harmony, and which produces an identical effect upon everything. Therefore only by setting Perfection as our goal we can continue to develop forever, for infinity knows no boundaries in relation to us.


Beauty is part of Perfection. As stated above, people value the beauty of everything in different levels based upon their own subjective mind. Without bias however, it must be true that the more the constituent parts of an object are harmoniously arranged, the more beautiful the object is.
In ancient Greece, wisemen postulated that every sculpture is to be made beautiful by making its parts in harmony. The mathematics used to measure the most harmonious way in which a sculpture should be built was based on the Golden Ratio - Phi. When sculpturing a human body, all of its parts must be built according to that ratio. For those people of ancient history, the more inharmonious an object was, the more ugly and perverted it was. If ugly statues and sculptures reside within a town, its citizens' minds would become perverted as well only by looking at them, thus the statues of that period were mostly made beautiful through the harmony of Phi.


If beauty means harmony, then isn't it true that the Universe is the most harmonious of all, for everything within it is arranged and acts in harmony. Every planet, star and galaxy is formed due to harmony. Every substance is formed due to the harmony of the atoms. Every heavenly body moves in harmony in reation to its neighbours thanks to gravity. Every cell in our body reacts to every other cell due to harmony. Isn't then the Universe the most beautiful known to us?
The most wisest philosophers were of the opinion that every product reflects a small part of its creator. The good produce good, the bad produce bad. A man who knows no physics, cannot create a laser. And the intellect of him who is capable of creating a laser can be traced within that laser. However, just because man is capable of creating such a tool, that does not mean the laser reflects the whole nature of its Creator. The Universe then, even though it reflects a small part of its Creator's intellect, it does not reveals Him fully. Life is Perfection and the Universe is the most Beautiful, therefore their Creator must be something even more. But how can one even attempt to comprehend something that is beyond the most perfect and most beautiful thing he can ever know?

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