December 23, 2018

The ancients did not believe that spirituality made men either righteous or rational, but rather that righteousness and rationlity made men spiritual. Such wise men divided the human constitution so it to be looked at as a triune being. Each part of ourselves is reflected also in:

- The three qualities to be revered 
- The three vices
- The three centers of the body 
- The three human natures 
- The three sounds of Creation
- The four elements and others


The triune human constitution is composed of Spirit, Soul and Body. The spirit was said to be the force which creates everything according to "God's will." Like a river passing through earth and manifesting different natures depending on the region through which it runs. Even though it is one and the same river an individual can witness it having various shapes, temperatures and levels of purity depending on the point from which he observes it. Similarly, Spirit is manifesting different natures in every world within Creation. In our world, it manifests a physical nature. Three of the most ancient philosophical and religious teachings (Kabbalah, Hermeticism and Hinduism) postulate that the Universe is mental, thus everything is Mind. Therefore Spirit and Mind are to be seen as synonyms.

According to Hermes Trismegistus, mind is in soul just as soul is in spirit, thus the individual subjective mind is born out of the soul. Some rites and scholars are of the same opinion as they divide the human constitution into 4 parts - Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body. The term "Mind" in relation to the Spirit however, should not be associated with just our brain and its capacity to think based on memories, for that would be Mind in relation to the Soul , but rather as the Intelligence which is to be found everywhere and within everything. The genes which make up the human body are a product of this intelligence, the motion of the planets, stars and galaxies are a product of this intelligence, all known forces, such as gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force, are products of this intelligence, all known to us processes of reproduction are a product of this intelligence, our intuitive knowledge which transcends the human intellect is a product of this intelligence.

Each of theses three human natures relate to a certain aspect of Creation and have their own unique qualities as shown in the image below. Intuition and Knowledge (knowing without thinking) are mind in relation to spirit while thought and emotion are mind in relation to the soul (self).


These three natures find their analogies within the three centers of the body - the brain, heart and the genitals (the reproductive system). The Spirit/Mind is equivalent to the Brain, the genitals to the Body, and the Heart to the Soul, which is the link between the body and the mind, or their balance. The philosopher handles life through his Brain, the material man through his Genitals, and the Yogi through his Heart. 


Alchemy, one of the two oldest sciences from unknown prehistoric times (the second being astrology), taught that everything is composed of four elements, which equivalents' can be found within every modern science - mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, anatomy, etc. The Spirit/Mind has an element of Fire - the God's burning will to create. The Body, the material aspect of man, has a combination of both Earth and Water as elements, for everything physical is composed of their aggregation. And the link between them, which is the Soul, has an element of Air - the single most important life source for the heart and therefore for the brain and body. Without the Soul - the link and balance, the Brain becomes an useless intellect without an operator, and therefore the Body is rendered useless without the Brain's activity. 


The most profound philosophers of antiquity postulated that there are three qualities, which if mastered, are said to regenerate man to his true spiritual nature. Those qualities being Virtue, Integirty and Labor. The virtue (purity and morality) find its analogy within the Mind, the labor finds its analogy within the Body, and the Integrity finds its analogy within the Soul, being once again the link between both. A wise man of great virtue has great knowledge, the body desires to express that knowledge in the form of verbal or physical labor, but the integrity decides if its necessary to express depending on if it will bring good to others and himself if he does decides to do so. 


Three are the great vices - ignorance, superstition and fear. Ignorance being the Mind's vice, fear being the Body's vice and superstition being the Soul's vice. Fear makes man live within his chains of comfort, leaving him ignorant, thus superstition is born - the false assumptions and beliefs based upon one's lack of knowledge. 


According to Hinduism and Qabbalah, "Sh, M, A" are the sounds of Creation, thus the hindu God's of Creation are SHiva and SHakti. Two of the most profound mantras, in Hinduism as well as in Buddhism, known as "OM" and "Shambo" can also find their origins within those three sounds. The sound of "Sh" corresponds to the element of Fire, for it is hissing like one. Therefore this sound is also analogical to the Spirit, Virtue and the Brain. The sound of "M" corresponds to the elements of Earth and Water, for it is mute just like them. Therefore this sound is also analogical to the Body, Labor and the Genitals. The sound of "A" is equivalent to the element of Air, for it is the sound of our breathing. Therefore this sound is also analogical to the Soul, Integrity and the Heart. The "OM" mantra is composition of the sounds "A" and "M", thus it is a mantra for the body and soul.

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