December 14, 2018

The beginning of introspection is a privilige which all of us possess. Introspection is the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes, and the word "Privilege" corresponds to an advantage which puts the individual into a more favorable position in relation to someone else. Therefore, if introspection is a privilege, that means our newly acquired state through it resides within a more favorable position compared to our previous state, before the process of observing our own mental and emotional activities.


Introspection, through the eyes of modern psychology, is really just analyzing our own inward experiences through reason, and therefore reach logical explanations. However, this process is deeply revered, by philosophers of antiquity along with many religions, postulating that the intelligence behind the Universe is to be looked for within. Introspection is considered as a tool through which the individual grows mentally and spiritually. This growth leads towards very profound understanding of our place in the Universe, our purpose and our relation to others. From a spiritual point of view, intro-spection represents the path of  regenerating man's real identity by making contact with his "higher-self", which is analogical to that aspect the of human constitution which transcends the bodily desires, needs, impulses and habits.

Everyone engages more or less into introspection daily, but the profundity of this process is dependent upon the subject the individual is trying to cope and how deeply he is willing to go into analyzing it. Many individuals whom goal and purpose to find the nature of their own existence was fulfilled, such as the Indian Yogis, have mastered this process to a degree where they have experienced the origin of their own mentality, or in other words - the source of their own mind. Man in such profound state of understanding his own real self is said to have reached enlightenment by experiencing himself as a part of the whole.

Describing in details this process in a more modern way, would be to consider it as the contemplation of our own character and willpower responsible for our thoughts and actions by using our reason to analyze and reach plausible conclusions. A person who does not try to know himself will always remain slave to his own physical body, living an unconscious life deprived of reason and following the reports of others. He, who is led by his reason and inuition is already a demigod. Half-human, for the consciousness is embedded in matter, and half-god for he is not subjected to that matter, but handles life through his spiritual aspect. Introspection is perhaps, the single most important mental activity in which man can dive, for he is a reflection of the Universe and by knowing himself he therefore, knows the whole. When one decides to look inwards as deeply as possible, he is to be prepared for opening the door towards enlightenment and face all of his prejucides and beliefs that shape up his comfort zone. If man does not possess the willpower and strength to break free from the cage of his own mental limitations, the deepest levels of his existence remain hidden for he shall not pass the three-headed Cerberus guarding the gate of the underworld. The three heads of this vicious beast, in this case, represent one's superstitions, ignorance and fears. The more we are willing to let go of  what we think should bewhat we think we know and what we think is realthe better we can understand our own character, nature and self.

The more questions we ask about ourselves and search for answers, the more deeply we are to contemplate the nature of our own existence. The process of introspection can go beyond the boundaries of our intellect. When one begins self-analysis by asking himself, "Why do I experience different emotions?", he is confronted by the realization that emotions are the products of how he mentally reacts towards different situations in his life. This realization however, produces a following question, "How do I even think?", which hits the limits of our understanding. By this question, the seeker finds himself facing the fact that he can think only if he has gathered information. Without knowledge no thought can be produced, as thoughts are various combinations of our gathered information. Whether however, one does have  information to think with or not, he is not deprived of his ability to think, therefore we face yet another question, "What gives me the capability to think?". Whether then, one chooses to believe that our ability to think is a product of our brain or not, he becomes incapable of denying that there must be an intelligent design of the Universe, as his brain is intelligent as well, and only Intelligence can create something that is intelligent itself.

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