November 10, 2018

Civilizations thousands of years ago, which knowledge acted as foundation for the development of great philosophers of antiquity, believed that every law, element and power of the Universe was epitomized in the human constitution. It was common knowledge for the wise that everything in life outside of man finds analogy within him. The Universe, being immeasurable in its immensity and inconceivable in its profundity, was beyond mortal estimation. 


Recognizing the futility of attempting to cope intellectually with that which transcends the comprehension of the rational faculties, the early philosophers turned their attention from the inconceivable Divinity to man himself. The analyzation and study of the human constitution marked the foundation of medicine, psychology and spirituality. The different ways of researching man - mathematics, geometry, physics, biology, astronomy and psychology, gave birth to various academies, each one examining the human monad (totality) through the prism of its studies. Every method, even though through different means, reached identical conclusions with every other method of studying the human constitution. This then, generated the association of the different symbols with one another - numbers, elements, planets, constellations, figures, mythological personas, etc.

Let's  take the Pythagorean teachings for example in order to clarify this statement - each number corresponds to a certain planet, certain power, certain element, certain Deity, certain constellation, certain aspect of the human constitution, because each of those things studied in their entirety, reveal their identical analogy with the numbers. Therefore in the study of the Universal principles through himself, man is faced with many paths he can take in the search for knowledge. The attempt for an absolute knowledge to be acquired through the intellect however, seems hopeless because the complete understanding of the analogies between the microcosm (man) and the macrocosm (universe) requires master degree in every method of studying the human constitution so one can associate all symbols arising from all studies with one another and find the analogies between man and the universe. Only one such method of learning symbols could take away the whole life of the individual without him grasping the entirety of it.


One of the main principles associated with "Heaven" and " Hell", "Good" and "Evil", "Light" and "Darkness", is being revealed before us through the ancient dividing of the human body in two vertical halves. The left side was considered darkness, while the right side was light. By those unacquainted with the true meanings of light and darkness, the light half was denominated "spiritual" and the left half "material", because the birth in the material world meant death in the spiritual. From this wrong association a chain that leads to complete distortion of the original teachings, is being created. For example, because materiality is impersonation of Hell and because  spirituality is impersonation of Heaven, we see that "Darkness" then, is automatically being associated with "Hell" and "Light" with Heaven. The initiated occultist however, knows the true meaning of this division of man. In order for Light to exist, there has to be a source for it, and this source is Life. Because then, light is posterior to darkness, it is true to say that in darkness the power of Creation is hidden.

Understanding that Life is anterior to Light we reach the conclusion that Darkness is the true spirituality. From a simple observation with the help of modern technology we see that this is true when we know Light can exist only within Darkness, while the opposite is not true as light is made out of photons whereas darkness exist by itself. In this line of thought darkness is associated with the space in which the whole Creation is manifesting, including light. Therefore darkness is the foundation of everything. Following this principle of associations we understand that the left half of man is his spiritual side in which the organ assosiacted with his spiritual nature resides (the heart). Most of humanity is also right-handed, this further explains that the left, subtle hand is the spiritual one, while the gross, powerful hand is the material side of man. Continuing - the right, attacking hand in which the sword is being held, is associated with the male, egoistic and severe side, whereas the left, protecting, holding the shield hand, is associated with the female, compassionate side. This map of associations can continue to be filled until each aspect of Creation is associated and connected with every other, revealing the full picture of oneness and the complete understanding of each individual element in the light of its associations - this is indeed the idea of "absolute knowledge".

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