October 05, 2018

In order to understand the essence of this subject we first have to investigate those aspects of the consciousness as separate. The root of the word "mindful" comes from "mind" and it is often used as a synonym for intelligence, even though that should not be the case as they are two different aspects of the mind. 


The intelligence level of the human being has been determined by the so-called IQ tests for centuries, which are based on logical and analytical exercising of the mind with the goal of fitting different elements into their unique places among the whole picture, or in other words - solving a task by fitting correctly the given to us numbers, equations and formulas associated with that specific task. The logical-analytical aspect of the material mind (the brain) is only one of its sides (the left hemisphere), responsible for not only logical thinking, but for receiving information and giving it back in the same form and order. For the majority of the education systems throughout the world this part of the mind is the most valuable as they are based on giving and receiving information. Every child goes to school and receives information from his teachers and school books, which he later on has to give back in the same order on a sheet of paper called "test". The better the individual in giving and receiving information is, or in other words - his work with his left hemisphere, the higher he is rated. This whole scheme and working with this part of the mind is classified as "intelligence".


To be mindful (smart) refers to the ability of being able to exercise both sides of the mind - logical and creative. Only through the connection of these two aspects, the mind evolves. For example, when we want to create a new medicine, we would need information in chemistry, biology, anatomy, pathology, etc., which is stored in our mind thanks to the logical hemisphere. After we have this information, the right hemisphere is being creative and produces various combinations of it in order to create a new arragenment of the information, thus we now have created the new medicine. Following this analogy, a mindful person is him who has knowledge (information) and is capable of applying it in many ways possible.


Wisdom on the other hand is a completely different aspect of the consciousness. According to some ancient philosophical and religious teachings (for example hermeticism, kabbalah, gnosticism, etc.) the mind has different levels of manifestation within the consciousness - one of them is the material level, or the mind sealed within the boundaries of the brain's functions. Wisdom is acquired in its most pure state through experience. For example, a person can read all the books on what it means to be broken-hearted and the associated with it emotions and thoughts, but the individual who had directly experienced it knows and understands what it means to be broken-hearted on a far deeper level. Even if the person that went through this period is to be of low-intelligence or low-mindfulness, he would still have a better and deeper understanding than the one who has touched the surface of this knowledge by acquiring it through outside sources (books, stories of other people, etc.) 

The mindful person might be more capable of describing what it means to have a broken heart as he has a lot of information with which he can be creative to express his thoughts on this matter, but the individual with the personal experience, even though incapable of describing it with understandable words, would still have a deeper feeling in the form of knowledge that transcends thought. The mindful person is intelligent and knows how to handle his intelligence, while the wise person is him who has an understanding of things that transcends the material mind. If a wise individual is also very mindful, he would be able to describe his wisdom more profoundly in such a way so it is to be understandood by everyone - such people we nowadays call sages or gurus. Having said all this, we come to the conclusion that wisdom can exist separately from the intelligence and mindfulness as a different, far more superior than the material mind, aspect of the consciousness.

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