September 27, 2018

It is without a doubt that the human specie is far more evolved than every other known living creature on our planet. There are few debated sea creatures, such as whales and dolphins, as to whether they are more intellegent than us. Whatever the case may be however, our body is still superior as it is far more capable with controlling objects. This gives us the opportunity to be creative by constructing many tools, thus we have such a vast knowledge in many aspects of life - biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc. Is this however an excuse for thinking so less of all other living beings' lives? 


People that have this mentality usually believe in the Darwin's theory of evolution, otherwise they would not consider man to be on top of the food chain, thus they are also atheists, as they do not believe that man was made by God, but instead being the product of an evolutional process that went for billions of years. I'm not stating any religious beliefs, but rather just explaining the main origins of this mentality. If we really are a product of evolution however, that means our ancestors are to be found in the oceans billions of years ago. Why should one say "Evolution made us to be on top of the food chain and therefore it is only a common sense that we kill those below us, this is inherent in us by Nature." You see, if we are to come from this Darwinistic point of view, then we can ask the question "If nature made the first organisms live in water, then why did the fish had to go out of the water?" The fish was perfectly fine living in the water, nature created the fish to live in it, yet the fish went against its nature to evolve into a reptile living on ground.

We can say Nature desired evolution to happen this way, but then the fact that Nature desired for the human to be this intelligent is also true, and what we make out of this intelligence is in our hands. We may be the most evolved organisms on this planet, but Nature did not desired for us to not value the lives of the less-intelligent organisms. Nature desired us to have free will by giving us an intelligence that no other creature has. This free will we can use to act as animals or to ask questions that only we can ask and pursue their answers by exercising our intelligence.


Just as the fish made the unnecessary for it evolutional jump and got out of the water, so man can choose to view himself as a superior being that uses his intelligence in a positive for the world way instead of making the excuse to value the life of other creatures by saying "Nature made us this way." Nature did not make any human an egoistic being, Nature made us intelligent and being egoistic is a choice exercised by our free will which only we have. No other creature can exercise his intellect to such a degree to  suppress his bodily desires and impulses by free will. Just as evolution took different paths through time and created both animals and insects, so the human specie has the free will to choose its path - to evolve in a way of compassion, understanding and higher level of awareness, or to go the path of its animal's instincts and desires. We have reached a point in the evolution where the path we go from now on is in our hands. Our intelligence gives us many possibilities for evolution. When one exercises something for a lifetime, he becomes an expert in that and passes his genes unto his children that inherits them. In the same way, what we do as human specie as of now will determine the inherent in us way of how we will use our intelligence in the future.

Man throughout ancient history had to kill animals in order to survive, but because he began to use his intellect greatly, he went on the path of the intellectual evolution where thinking and being creative were greatly enhanced. We have currently reached the point in which we no longer need to go down the path of exercising the animal nature in us, but we can continue on the path of intellectual and compassionate evolution.

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