August 25, 2018

At this point in time there are many articles written on the this subject, most of them state various reasons to why intelligent people tend to remain single, however in this article we will look only at the single main reason. First of all we have to start by explaining what do we mean by an "intelligent person".


The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think. 

- Albert Einstein

An intelligent person is an individual that has a compilation of both learned facts and creativity. It is necessary to have both in order to be intelligent, because you can think, and therefore be creative, only if you have information to think with. It is important for the gathered information to be of a high value - this defines your way of thinking and your character. For example, if you study and gather facts only in the subject of animals, most of your life will revolve around animals as you will be able to think only about them. If your gathered information is about things like sex, drama, the new trends, etc., your life will revolve around the same ideas and thoughts as the vast majority of people. It is important to understand that the quality of your life is determined by your thoughts, for they control your actions, and on the other hand your thoughts emerge only from the information that you have gathered. Having said all this, an intelligent person would be a person that have gathered information on philosophical topics such as "What is life? What is the reality? Who am I? What is right and wrong? What is good and bad? What is morality? What is empathy? etc." If a person gathers enough data on these subjects from various sources - biology, physics, philosophy, mathematics, etc. then the life of that person would revolve around things that matter. Things that would benefit humanity. The more information about life, the world and ourselves we acquire, the more empathy and understanding towards other individuals and life we have. 

Most people are not interested in having thoughts about the things that are everlasting and important, rather they focus on things that change or disappear with time passing by. Trends are a perfect example of that, they can appear in many forms - fashion, way of life, way of acting, way of thinking, etc. For example, whether we want to admit it or not, some people for the past few years became vegans only because it became trendy, not because they wanted to save animals, because meat is unhealthy or some other good reason. A vast amout of people also mainly think about topics such as sex, drugs, parties, money, etc. - because these are the popular and high-valued things right now. The need to fit in the society wins against the free will of the individual and the person starts to gather information in that aspect of life so he can be a part of the "norm" regardless if the norm is wrong or right, good or bad. A person that has information and is able to exercise thought and creativity on subjects that are necessaryi for a happy and fulfilling life and also exercises alturistic behavior through understanding and empathy, is an intelligent person.


People fall in love, because each person from the couple has something that the other one needs, whether it is bringing emotions, protection, money, pleasure or something else into his life. Intelligent people tend to remain single, because most individuals cannot offer them things that they need, as they have minimum thoughts and interest in the subjects that most people can provide. The more intelligent a person is, the harder it becomes for him to fall in love, because a very intelligent person would see himself as enough to experience life to its fullest, not needing someone else to complete him. Most of the intelligent people fall in love with people that can provide them with deep discussions and experiences of life. This is the reason why some of the most intelligent individuals in the world, who had done many good deeds for humanity, were single for the most part of their lives - take Nikola Tesla for example. Having said all this, it doesn't mean that if you're highly intelligent you will never fall in love and remain single for the rest of your life, it just means it will be harder to find the right person. But if you are indeed a highly intelligent you would be okay whether you remain single or not, as you would feel perfectly fine on your own. 

The more information a person has, thoughts of great quantity and quality can emerge. This is the difference between a really intelligent person and a person that thinks he is intelligent. The first has vast amout of important information that matter and uses his creativity to create thoughts that pushes him towards a very deep understanding of life and makes himself happy regardless the happenings of the outside world, while also being empathic towards others and demonstrates alturistic behaviour. The second one has the same amout of information that can provide many thoughts, but he uses his creativity in a negative way, creating thoughts that hurt him and he feels like knowing many things is a curse, not seeing that he lets the happenings of the outside world to influence his thoughts.

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