August 04, 2018


Hermeticism could perhaps be the most ancient teaching from which many philosophical and religious teachings had emerged. The main concepts of hermetic philosophy regarding God, the Universe, Man, etc. are expressed in a very unique and wise way. In order to understand and contemplate the wisdom behind its teachings let's begin by asking some simple questions. Isn't it true that everything that is moved is moving inside something and it is moved by something? Isn't it true that the thing in which the moved moves must be bigger than the thing that moves in it? Isn't it true that in order for something to be moved the mover must be stronger than the moved? And isn't it true that the moved must have a contrary nature to that in which it moves? Isn't the cosmos infinite in space and isn't it true that it is bigger than everything known to us, as indeed everything exist within its space? Then, isn't it true that the cosmos in which everything moves, is corporeal as well? Isn't it true that the cosmos is expanding in every moment even though it is infinite, which makes it move, thus science talks about Dark Energy? The thing in which it moves then, how big must it be so that it doesn't hold or hinders the movement of what is infinite space in any way? What is its nature then? Shouldn't it be contrary to the cosmos too, so it can move in it? But isn't it incorporeal the contrary to the infinite corporeal? If that in which the cosmos moves is incorporeal it has to be either divine (eternal and unbegotten), or it must be God. If it is divine then it is something essential, but if it is God then it is even without essence. Because if it is neither of those two, it would be corporeal and tangible. That's why for us humans the concept of God is foremost, but not for God himself. The thing that is different in essence can be intelligible when it falls into the awareness of the one who thinks of it. For example, if there was only light and darkness had not existed, we wouldn't be able to think and be conscious of what light is, as it would be everything that is. But since there is darkness, light receives a distinction and we may think and be conscious of it. Similarly, for God himself the attempt of self-understanding is impossible as the object of His thought is not distinct from himself. For us however, God is something distinct, therefore we could think of Him in many ways, but never capable of understanding nor know him. In order to know or understand something, you have to exist outside of it. But since the cosmos exist within the incorporeal (God) and we are part of it, then the attempt to know God becomes impossible. If the place is intelligible as corporeal then it would not be classified as God, but just as "place". But if the place is intelligible as God, then it is not classified as place, but as energy capable of storing inside itself. Therefore everything moved moves not in something moving, but in something in stillness.


What is incorporeal is invisible for whatever corporeal. For something to be invisible, it must be unbegotten, as everything begotten is corporeal. The nature of the unbegotten is eternal, everexisting. It must be invisible, otherwise it would not always be. Everything seen has been begotten because it came to be seen at some point. But the invisible always is, and because it always is, it does not need to come to be seen. Also by everexisting as invisible, it makes all other things visible; what presents the images of everything is not present to the imagination, thus we say God is omniform and formless. Since God is incorporeal and invisible, it did not create the cosmos by hand, but by thought, thus God is mind. From God came eternity, from eternity came the cosmos, from the cosmos came time and from time came beginnings. If you wish to see God, see everything around you, as everything around you is His mind. And if you wish to know God, know all that is, as like is known by like.


As all is mind, the cosmos is also mind; it is also spherical, thus it is a head. There is nothing material above the head just as there is nothing of mind below our feet. Everything connected to the membrane of the head (in which is the soul) is by nature immortal, as they have more soul than body, because body has been made in soul. Things far away from the membrane are mortal because they have more body than soul. The more material something is, the more mindless and soulless it is, as mind is in soul, just as soul is in spirit, thus things of more body than soul are mortal, while things of more soul than body are immortal. Every living being, just as the Universe, is constituted of those two. The spirit moves the soul through the arteries, veins and blood. When the blood thickens and the veins and arteries empties, the body dies and the soul finds itself again.


God is the only good for good is giving without receiving. Since everything is begotten by God's mind and exist within it, nothing to spark a desire in Him, nor to make him envious or injure him, exist, therefore God is an everexisting constant. Everything that is corporeal has a beginning and moves and all that moves is subject to change, therefore it is not good. Man is not only not good, but evil. For he wears the tunic of ignorance, seeking to receive more than to create. Just as all opposites are identical in nature but different in degree, so do good and evil are. Some beings are more good than evil, but no being is pure good, only God is, for He is the only evergiving one.

If you have the neccessary knowledge and reasoned thought, you will read between the lines, otherwise these would seem as empty words. As when reasoned thought and knowledge reach a certain point they become the key of understanding. And by understanding we may believe. When we come into contact with information that is in harmony with out reasoned thought and knowledge, then we believe what is beyond our experience. Therefore it is only a matter of whether you hold the key of understanding or not. It is the possession of it that determines if you would be able to live in a noble way or not, despite of your experience. When you believe, you may act according to your desires to enlightenment.

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