August 09, 2018

It is very likely that you have been atleast once in your life at a place which you had nothing to do with, and yet that place made you feel ecstatic without you having to do any inward work. By saying "which you had nothing to do with", I mean it was a place not nostalgic to you - it doesn't trigger any memories or feelings already stored within you. There are only 2 types of places that can make you ecstatic by themselves. Such places are nature in its raw form and places with astonishing work of man.


When one sees nature in its raw form, that is to see the various combinations of different heights, grass, trees, clouds, winds, lights, sounds and animals, man cannot help it but to feel the presence of a greater intellect behind all of this. Such places make you wonder how and why was everything created, and the fact that it feels so calming and ecstatic being in such places, it means we (as every living being) have a very deep connection with nature within ourselves that makes us feel like home when we are in its presence. Can you just imagine that every such place you might have visited is an infinitely small fraction of what is out there in Creation and all that is made from vibrating energy existing as possibilities and being manifested through us as a certainty? One just can't help it but feel amazed at this work of great intelligence, thus man can only feel reverence towards it. We often don't feel the beauty and magnificence behind the world around us because we have made it so that nature is present at its minimum by building what feels nice to us. We as a specie have went on a scientific path and we depent on technology, which is not a bad thing by itself. The problem is that we don't use our scientific knowledge the right way - we destroy more of nature than what we create. And this worship of science makes us not value the importance and beauty of nature, thus we destroy it on impulse not feeling any remorse for destryoing a part of us, which without we cannot exist. The world surrounding most people looks similarly to this:

[New York City]

When one spends most of his life in places such as this, the thought for an intelligence far beyond what the human is capable of, would never cross his mind as he would have never seen a mind far more capable than the work behind the world surrounding him. The human intelligence that had built all buildings, streets and artificial lights would seem as godlike until he faces a place where nature is as raw as it can be.

[Norway Mountains]

[Skogafoss Waterfall - Iceland]

It wouldn't be a lie to say that not many people had given a single thought that everything which is built by human hand is built through the materials already given to it by a greater intelligence, and it is built to stand on the raw nature itself - or what we call Earth. In other words everything that we worship in our daily lives would have not been possible without the materials given to us by the greater intelligence - energy, atoms, molecules, etc. No matter how intelligent and capable a man is however, he cannot built on the same scale as nature - nor in beauty, nor in size. And everytime man, regardless of how brilliant he is, visits such a place he is confronted to this truth, making him wonder and revere what is beyond his knowledge and capability.


It is without a doubt that mankind had crafted astonishing works of art and complexity, which can make us proud to be human when we face such a craft. There are many such crafts made in different times, yet they all have the same effect on one's mind. It is astonishing when one faces such a masterpiece for the first time, as he is witnessing the work of human mind that seem out of this world, thus man cannot help but feel joyful for he is also of the same kind as the crafter. Here are a few examples of such masterpieces from various times and places:

[Notre-Dame de Paris - France]

[Giza Pyramids - Egypt]

[Angkor Wat - Cambodia]

Having said all this, if one feels the need to believe in himself places of such master crafting are to show him the capability of his own kind, thus making him believe in himself for he is made of the same intelligence. In fact, all works of masterpiece art, regardless of what type of art it is, would have the same effect on man. And if one wants to experience divinity, places where nature is raw - unstained by human hand that is, should be his goal.

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