June 16, 2018

Nowadays there are many philosopical, religious and spiritual postulations passed on to us, each one sharing its own explanation of the afterlife or the spirit world. If we really do have any memories of life after the physical body dies, it has to be buried in our subconscious mind to which we usually don't have access. One of the few and best ways to access the subconscious mind is through hypnosis. For simplicity we can look at our consciousness in 3 levels:

- Our conscious mind (which in hindu philosophy is refered to as the "buddhi" - the intellectual aspect of the mind from which thought emerge)

- Our subconscious mind where we have access to all memories of our current life, as well as all the memories from our past lives.

- Our superconsciousnes which represents the spirit itself, unstained by any memory (which is refered to as "Chitta" in hinduism)

The first level of our consciousnes we use in our daily life to think, analyze, to act, to create, to categorize moments and people in our lives, etc. The second level is where our habits take place in our lives - it is the source of our unconscious actions and thoughts through strong memory by repetition. The third level is our "pure-self" which clothes itself in the memories of our subconscious mind and forms our character along with the physical body which it is using. The character of our pure-self is shaped by the experiences of our past lives and this what we refer to as "soul" - the spirit clothed in memories to form an individual character based on them. When the soul takes place in a certain physical body however, the feelings of the soul's character merges with the emotions and the intellectual mind of the body, to create our overall character in the physical life. That means, our soul has a character of its own, and depending on how much you are identifying yourself with your physical body, your soul's character can be lost during the physical life as you begin to think that the emotions and the thoughts of your physical body are who you really are.

The emotions and the intellect of the physical body create a character of their own, which merges with the soul's character to create your own individual character in life. It often happens for a young soul to view the physical life as suffering, because the physical world is a place where people view one another as separate and the struggle for survival makes them do cruel things to one another. When a soul identifies itself with the physical body, that means it totally accepts the physical character which is determined by the thoughts and emotions emerging from this cruelty, this often leads to various unhealthy mental states as the soul's character is in conflict with the persona taken from the physical mind. People under hypnosis do not dream, nor they hallucinate. It is important to understand that when we are under hypnosis, the brain waves decrease from Beta (the state of wakefulness), going through the intermediate Alpha stage and reaches different levels in the Theta range (which is hypnosis and not dreaming). When we sleep we are further in the Delta range where the messages of the brain are taken to the subconscious and receive an expression in our dreams.


Dr. Michael Newton is an american certified psycho and hypnotherapist. He is a member of the American Association of Psychologists-Consultants. As a hypnotherapist, Newton was sticking to the conventional use of hypnosis to treat people; every patient that had asked him to use hypnosis to bring memories from past lives he turned down. One day a client had complains about having pain in the right half of his body. Unable to find the source of his pain after reviewing the patients' memories since his childhood, Newton asked the patient to go to the source of his pain. This is where the patient started talking about being a soldier bleeding on the ground, Newton then asked the patient to describe the badge on his uniform and his surroundings only to later on confirm that this man had perfectly described a soldier that had died during world war I. This unlocked the longing to know about past lives in Dr. Newton. It was not long after the hypnotherapist realized he could make patients recall memories not only from their past lives, but from the time between the physical death and the new reincarnation. He asked a woman under hypnosis if she had a group of friends that she misses. The patient then replied that she misses her friends and that's why she feels so lonely on Earth. Newton was confused and asked her to describe where does her group of friends reside. After a few moments the woman under hypnosis replied, "In my permanent home, and right now I see them all!" After this case, Michael Newton started to use hypnosis in order to understand the "spirit world" and after decades of researches with his patients, he managed to describe the stages which happen after our death. But before we get into describing the stages, it is important to state that Newton's patients were from different cultures, had different religious beliefs, etc., therefore it is most unlikely for the incredible similarities in their stories under hypnosis to have been coincidences. I also want to state that this article is an extremely short summary of Michael Newton's books and if you want to get all of your questions logically answered, I would recommend reading his books, which include all details and dialogs with his patients under hypnosis. All description of the stages given below are based on the patients words. Also please keep in mind that every description of the spirit world stated in this article has nothing to do with what it actually looks like. Every aspect of the spirit world described with what we know from the physical world is an analogy given in order for the reader to understand better how things are manifesting there according to Newton's patients.


After the physical body dies, your soul leaves it and you can experience the world outside the range of the 5 physical senses. Patients describe themselves as little balls of light after leaving the body. The feeling of leaving the body is similar to changing your skin or peeling a banana with a single swing. After leaving the body you start feeling free from suffering and pain. Patients also describe themselves as being weightless and flying in the air, or more like in "space", because it feels like they're in a vacuum that has nothing solid in it, not even air molecules. Not long after the soul leaves the body, it starts getting the feeling of being naturally pulled towards a very bright light by an unknown force. Sometimes this light can appear to be near the soul and sometimes it can be outside the planet. A soul can oppose this force if it really wants to stay in this state of weightless ball of light for longer. This longing of the soul to stay a little longer in this world is a sign of a young soul which has very strong attachments towards something or someone in the physical life. Patients also say that time in this state is being experienced differently - a few minutes equals to a few days in the physical body. Some souls (mostly young ones) stay a little longer, because they want to see who will go to their funeral, while old souls go towards the light immediately after they leave their bodies.


After the soul surrenders itself to the natural force which pulls it towards the light, it experiences something like going through a tunnel. If we look at the patients' description we realize that it is not actually a real tunnel with walls and at its end there is light, but there is nothing anywhere around except that bright light you're being pulled towards. After crossing the bright light, most patients realize they are not dead, but rather they describe the experience as they are coming back home. Different patients describe different amout of details after passing the bright light, their decriptions are based on how advanced the soul is. The "world" that is being experienced after passing the bright light feels like a "cake" that has different layers of light which seem somewhat transperent and curved. This "world" is not solid even though at first glance it can seem like it is. All the layers of light are interlaced in thick strands and everything is symmetrical. There is difference in the thickness and in the colors of the layers, they also move forward and backward. The colors of the layers seem to be different shades of white. Patients also describe hearing different sounds and melodies while they are being pulled towards "the correct" layer. Some of them describe these sounds as vibrations. Here it would be interesting to state that in the ancient hindu books called "Vedas", it is talked about the astral levels which represent a set of dimensions above the physcal world which fuse into the spiritual.


Patients describe the place they go after the astral levels as infinite in size, extremely peaceful, colorful and having nostalgic vibrations in the form of sounds and smells which corresponds to their memories from the physical life. Even though what they see cannot be described with any words, as it has nothing to do with our physical world, patients often see similar structures or places which had an unfrogettable impact on them during their physical lives. All souls, except the very advanced ones, see beings which they describe as "spiritual companions" from their "group of souls" or they can see their "spiritual guider" immediately after reaching the spirit world. Only non-advanced souls feel the need to be welcomed back by other close to them beings in order to make the process of accepting death easier. Those beings are described as balls of light with different colors, which can telepathically project images to your mind in order for you to see them as having some physical shape. For example, a patient described seeing her uncle, which she was very attached to. It is interesting to consider that patients can see people, which have not yet died and they explain this phenomenon by saying that the soul sends only a small fraction of itself to use the physical body, the rest of its energy stays in the spirit world, therefore it is possible to see loved ones after death even if they are still alive. When patients were asked to try and describe the spirit world, they tell everything is energy in the form of light - different shades, intensities and colors of it. Also all beings there do not have any clear physical form, but just a slight outlines shaping a body of light which seem somewhat transperent. A patient was asked the question how does a soul projects human characteristics to which he replied "From my energy mass... I just think about the features I would like to project.... but I cannot tell you how do I get the ability to do that."


After the soul meets its spiritual friends and guider, it goes into the "healing place". Patients describe this place as having extremely pure and warm energy which swirls around the soul as it is alive, purifying and healing all the memories of the emotional pains and sufferings from the physical life. The feeling of getting your soul healed in this place is described to be similar to getting a shower after an extremely exhausting day. Keep in mind that emotions, as we experience them in the physical body, do not exist in the spirit world, we only have the memories of our physical life which store our actions and emotions, and we can recall those memories to have somewhat similar experience in the spirit world.


After the soul gets cleansed by this "healing energy", it goes to have a "conversation" with its spiritual guider about the life it has just ended. Patients describe this conversation happening on a telepathical level (just as every other conversation made in the spirit world). The spiritual guiders are usually beings that in some cases do not feel the need to continue reincarnate, but just help young souls to grow. No matter what mistakes you've made in your life, your guider will never judge you. Patients are talking about their guiders as entities full of unconditional love which purpose is only to help you grow. In this conversation, the soul is asked if its happy or satisfied with the results from the life it just lived, what it could have done better and does it have any regrets. Then the soul is given the guider's honest opinion which goal is only to help.


Not long after the conversation with its spiritual guider, the soul has a conversation with a "council" formed by very advanced entities, which according to patients are more advanced than our spiritual guiders. The conversation with them is similar to the one with our guider and he is with us when we have the conversation with them. After analyzing the life the soul had just ended, it goes to a place, which Newton describes as a "bus-stop", because this is the place from which the newly returned souls travel to their own "spiritual group". Patients said that as they travel towards their group of souls they can also see other groups of souls that look like "balls of light". Every group of souls is like a class. Nowadays in school, classes are made from children of the same age. Similarly, souls groups are made of souls which are on the same level of advancement. When a souls group is being formed however, no new souls can enter later on in this group, but souls which advance faster than others based on their physical lives can leave their group faster and be a part of a newly created group which are more advanced. Newton tells that the level of the soul can be determined by its intensity and shade of color, where pure white light represents a young soul and a soul which gives out an aura of yellow, red, blue or violet colors represent more advanced souls, where violet represents one of the most advanced ones. Patients describe that each group of souls has their own place in the spirit world and hardly makes any contact with other groups. But even though each group of souls has its own place, patients describe this place as vast and when they are asked whether they feel limited in their movement, the answer is always something in the context of "No, this place is extremely big and I don't feel any kind of limitations". Newton describe this part of the spirit world as a school with different classrooms where groups of souls don't have much interaction between one another, even though they can always feel the presence of the others and make telepathical contact with everyone else. The low interaction between groups of souls is not due to any limitations or rules, but it's more like because souls understand they have to work with their own group in order to advance faster. It is wrong however to think of the spirit world as a school full of rules and limitations, it's quite the opposite, souls from all groups and levels gather around to have fun in many ways.


After a certain period of time young souls have to choose a new life and they do that after they have made 3 basic decisions based on the following questions:

- Is the soul ready for a new physical life?

- What specific lessons of life it wants to learn?

- Where and who it has to be in its next life in order to have the biggest opportunity to work on those lessons?

A lot of communication with the soul's spiritual guider and its spiritual companions, with whom it works in life, are made before the soul makes decisions about those 3 questions. 

Note: Once a soul becomes very advanced by learning enough lessons about the nature of the physical life and its purpose, then it stops feeling the need to reincarnate - this can take thousands of years for some souls depending on the speed with which they advance. Some very advanced souls reincarnate sometimes only to help others - such beings for example were Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.

After the soul has made those decisions, it goes in a place called "the ring", which according to patients is not the only one, but there are many "rings". Patients cannot describe what the "ring" feels or looks like exactly, but they can describe its effects and purposes. There the soul can review certain options for a new life presented to it based on what lessons it chose to set for its goals. The "options" represent different bodies. A soul can review only the moments of that body which are most likely to happen based on that body's parents, time, location and the surrounding it people (or in another words - "the body's karma"). Not only the soul can review the moments which are more or less pre-destined to happen to that specific body, but it can also go and experience those moments as a side viewer or as another person taking place in that moment by sharing his thoughts and emotions. The reviewing of some of the pre-destined moments of the specific body is not like watching a movie, but more like participating in it, having access to everything and everyone in the scene completely.


After the soul chooses one of the bodies given as choices, it has some more time to spend with its spiritual guider and its spiritual friends in order to discuss his choice of body and the things, which are pre-destined to happen to it. Don't get me wrong, according to patients once the soul reincarnates into the body, it has free will and it can change the body's life in a completely different from it's pre-destined way. It's just that when reviewing the life of the body in "the ring", souls see only the moments which are most likely to happen to it based on, as i've said, the time, place and its surroundings. You can imagine this as a diagram with different routes taking place based on the free will of the soul, but regardless of the routes, sometimes most of those roots end up reaching the same destined point that has to happen to that body. As you probably noticed i've said "most of those roots", because there is always a possibility of the soul changing the pre-destined moments of the body through its free will, it's just that the soul have to completely go out of its road.

This pictures illustrates what i'm describing. The red dots are the pre-destined moments that the soul can review when choosing a body. The blue dots are our choices done through our free-will, which our soul does not see when reviewing the body, and each of those choices can lead the soul to experience different aspects of life, which shape its overall character. As you can see, regardless of the routes created by our free-will choices, most of the time we end up reaching the same pre-destined body-moment. But it is our free-will choices that shape us as a person, which determines how we react and what we make out of the pre-destined moments when they happen. For example, if we have taken a route by our free-will that made us see ourselves as victims and reach the first red dot where, for example, we lose our eyes, we would most likely kill ourselves, because of our already shaped up worldview that we are indeed victims of life. Whereas if we have taken a route which made us see the world as a place where we are constantly learning and reach that same red dot where we lose our eyes, we would see this as an opportunity for making life harder and therefore learn different aspects of life, such as hardship, compassion, etc. So as you can see, choices made by our free will are as important as the pre-destined body-moments.

As i've stated above, the soul has time to review its chosen body with its spiritual guider and spiritual companions and discuss certain symbols, which they can use as "flags" in life. For example, a patient had to memorize that when he sees a certain necklace, he has to get to know the person wearing it, because that person is his spiritual friend, which will help him in his physical life. Souls usually use symbols, which are pre-destined to happen. For example, the soul of that patient might have had the necklace as symbol, because that necklace is part of a pre-destined outcome of his spiritual friend, therefore the likelihood of the soul seeing that necklace is very high. We often recognize such symbols by our intuition, therefore it is possible for us to miss them if we ignore it.

This is pretty much the whole process of life, afterlife and reincarnation. The last thing that the soul does is going inside the body, works with the brain for the first few years of the child in order for it to function at its best. This process, along with more detailed information about everything stated in this article and also information about Creation, God, spiritual guiders, creators of planets, plants, suns, etc. you can read in Michael Newton's books, which I highly recommend.

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