May 02, 2018


It has become a part of our daily lifes as human beings to categorize people and moments in it. This is due to the intellectual mind which purpose is to dig the information stored in our memory and use it to judge every moment and person one comes into contact with accordingly. However, life by itself does not throw "good" or "bad" moments, it is the individual's mind that defines them as such, when life does not happen the way one wants it he tend to classifiy it as "bad life" . The moment man creates distance between him and his own mind, he becomes capable of experiencing life as it is, not as his mind would think it is. Categorizing people as good or bad is coming from the same source as well - when the mindset of another person differs from our own it brings about conflict, thus we label him as "bad". The need to judge and categorize people based on their appearance is coming from the feeling of separation being the product of our identification with the physical body - that which is not in the reach of our body senses, we call "separate".


The different religious and scientific dogmas are the main wellsprings from which the judgemental character is drawing its power. Even though both of these dogmas contain different information and beliefs, in their core they are both identical in nature - an information given from one person, or a group of people with the same mindset, who had reached certain conclusions using their knowledge. Therefore regardless if we're talking about science or religion, they're both information that contains beliefs emerging from the life experiences of certain individuals or groups of people. Every person however, is different and has a unique for him life experience, therefore his truth differs from the truths of the rest. Regardless of the type of religion a person follows, he believes in it with all of his beingness, and in some cases he is willing to give up his life in the name of his faith. This fact by itself is respectable, even though in our eyes the beliefs of this person may seem "crazy".


Different personalities in the scientific community are sometimes willing to do the same thing, just not as prominent as they are more rationally thinking. Science is in constant battle with different religious dogmas, even though both of them represent the beliefs of groups of people with a simillar mindset being in conflict with other different collective mindsets. In 21th century we literally observe the taking of innocent lives of many plants, animals and people in the name of different belief systems started by people that had lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago which stated their own beliefs based on their personal life experience. Nowadays science is a dominant belief, because it gives us information which the lower aspect of our mind, called "intellect", loves. Humanity as a whole is a logical specie at the moment, it totally ignores the intuition and imagination, so it is no surprise that people worship science which gives them what the intellect needs - logic and analyzing data.


Even though science has more answers supported with physical evidence, it doesn't have less questions related to the beginning, the goal and the different levels of the Universe that are left unanswered. Even though life on this planet needed billions of years to reach the manifestation of biological system capable of such mind activity as we currently have, people still refuse to think for themselves, instead we massively choose to believe unconditionally in various dogmatic belief systems given by others. Whether a person believes in different scientific theories or religious books, how does he knows his beliefs are truth without having experienced any of it himself? The goal here is not the accomplishments of science or the wisdom of different religions to be discredited, but a different point of view that inspires people to create their own story and beliefs according to THEIR life experience, to be demonstrated. Life is happening in perfect harmony all across the Universe and our mind is that which defines its moments according to our life experience, therefore it is inevitable for different beliefs to exist. So instead of getting into conflicts, we should respect the differences, whether they are physical or psychical.

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