May 19, 2018


The gunas are closely connected to the creation of the Flower of Life, from which geometry, mathematics, the five elements and everything in existence is said to have been created. According to hindu philosophy, creation is an expansion and expression of consciousness (Chit) which is a manifestation of Brahman - the source of everything.
Consciousness therefore, expandeed itself in all directions through the primordial sound "Aum" and that expansion expressed itself in 3 distinctly different vibrational frequencies called "Gunas". This constant movement of outward and inward expression of the spirit is what creates existence. Consciousness is in everything - from the most subtle to the most gross, from the most freed to the most embedded.


The first vibrational frequency, which is closest to the source is called the "Satwa Guna". As it goes further out from the source it becomes "Rajas Guna", and the Guna being the furthest away from the source is called "Tamas". These 3 gunas represent the three main manifestations of consciousness. The dimension (plane of existence) of Satwa Guna is on such a vibrational frequency that there is almost no form at all, while in the Tamas dimension the form is very apparent, thus we have solid matter. Once consciousness reaches its peak (ASAT), where it becomes unsconscious, it automatically strives to go back to the source.

You can imagine this as throwing a stone in the air, once it reaches its peak, it must go down to its source. This coming back to the source we call "the rising of the Kundalini throughout the chakras". By saying "the conscious is becoming unconscious in Tamas", we refer to the most solid and simple material objects in the world. Rocks are unconscious, so are plants, all microorganisms and most of the birds as well, even though they all have spirit and are not soulless. They all have an embedded intelligence which guides them what  to do even though they are unconscious of their own actions. Plants know that they have to grow upward, microorganisms know they have to move towards light, birds and animals are more conscious, but they are still unconscious about most of their actions. We, human beings, are uncoscious in many ways as well even though we have much greater potential of being conscious. We tend to live our lives based our unconscious habits, we usually surrender to our emotions and do things impulsively. The more conscious and aware we are, the more satwic we are.


In Satwa, the energy is mostly free from form, therefore there is oneness; in Rajas the energy takes a more distinct shape, therefore the oneness, as it is in Satwa, begins to be veiled; in Tamas consciousness is so embedded and gross that there is no experience of oneness whatsoever, separation takes place. These 3 gunas are interlacing into one another to create everything in existence. Regardless of which dimension you look at, it will have the characteristic of all the 3 gunas as the consciousness from which they emerge is one and the same, but still each dimension has a guna that dominates over the rest. When the expanding and contracting consciousness reaches the peak, it creates movements in the opposite direction. The inward movement from Asat towards Satwa is the process of enlightenment through the Kundalini energy. The outward movement is the consciousness' constant expression and expansion.

When the outward movement of the Satwic energy meets the inward movement of the Asat (kundalini), this abundance of energy could be used for many things depending on the intention of the person. The transmuting of the energy coming down from Satwa (the crown chakra) is happening in the 3th chakra, associated with the element of Fire, for it is the only element that can transmute the other 3 elements from one to another. If you melt the Earth element it becomes water, if you heat water it becomes air, if you heat air, etc. Fire is also associated with electricity in Qabbalah and it is known to transcend the other 3 elements, while being the spark that ignited Creation, it is the desire which guided the spirit to expand. The third chakra is also said to be the source of our willpower. When the satwic energy that is coming from the crown chakra meets the Kundalini energy in the third chakra, your intention and willpower decides how to transmute that energy - to use it for mental exercising, for self-satisfaction in a tamasic (materialistic) way, or perhaps in a rajastic (vital, emotional) way.


We as human beings have physical body, emotional body, mental body and energy body (depending on the philosophy studied). Each of these bodies, creating the human constitution, have different vibrational frequencies, therefore in every body there is one of the three Gunas being more dominant. For example, in the physical body the Tamas guna is dominant, because consciousness in this plane of existence is gross. Our physical senses are made to experience the physical world in which Tamas is dominant, but they are not capable of decoding information from higher vibrational frequencies in normal conditions, meaning you cannot feel someone's emotions by touching him with your hands. According to the researches of Graham Hancock and the researches of Rick Strassman with DMT, taking different hallucinogens, meditating or going in trance by using various methods can help you perceive other realities, not by physical senses, but through the pineal gland within the brain's membrane.

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