May 26, 2018

Dimethyltryptamine according to mainstream science is nothing but one of the most powerful natural hallucinogens and it is based on the Tryptamine molecule. It is "natural" because our body (mainly the pineal gland) produces it in small quantities, but it can also be found in many plants (mostly in their roots). It is interesting to consider that the Tryptamine molecule, on which DMT is based, is one of the 20 amino acids required by every cell to produce their vital proteins. The biggest and the only funded ever research on the effects of DMT took place between 1990-1995 by Rick Strassman - a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry with a fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology research and holds degrees from Standford University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. He is also the author of the book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule", from which DMT received its nickname.


Rick Strassman had administered approximately 400 doses of DMT to nearly five dozen human volunteers and what he came to find was astonishing. All of the patients had described the "beings" they saw as more real than those of the physical world. Strassman used different psychological methods to try and convice the patients that their experiences were just "hallucinations" created by their own mind, but they denied every such possibility by saying that they saw things which their mind could have never been capable of imagining for they never saw anything similar to that. Probably the most astonishing thing was that regardless of the peoples' cultures and beliefs, the similarities in their stories were too close to have been a coincidence ora hallucination based on their own personal memories, beliefs, prejudices and life experiences.

Even though the patients had very simillar experiences, there were some differences in what they saw, for which their mind was somewhat responsible. Most people saw similar or the same beings in the beginning, which according to them were somewhat formless, then their own cultural beliefs kicked in and these non-physical beings started to take a subtle form defined by the person's personal beliefs. Regardless of what form those shapeless beings of lights took, the overall experience with them was close to identical for all patients. This could perhaps be explained by Quantum Physics. We know that the subatomic particles which make up everything visible in our Universe can be everywhere at the same time (quantum superposition) and in the same space (quantum nonlocality), and that our act of observiation defines the outcome of the locality and time of the particles. Therefore if the beings they saw were non-physical, created from very subtle energy, then the appereance of those beings could have been defined by the volunteers' observation according to their beliefs.

Another experiment, inspired by Masatu Emoto's experiments with water, could also prove this theory to be the right explanation. The experiment included 4 different vessels of water and 4 different people. Each person was asked to take a drop from each vessel and place those drops in 4 different dishes. It turned out that even though each person had took drops from 4 different vessels and put them in 4 different dishes, the molecular pattern was the same for all 4 drops, and all 4 people had a unique for them pattern. This means that peoples' minds affect the energy they come into contact with or observe.

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Another possible explanation to why people saw those formless beings having characteristics of iconic figures could be given by the works of Michael Newton, Ph.D., which holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a certified Master Hypnotherapist, and is a member of the American Counseling Association. Newton's most famous work included putting people in a state of deep hypnosis, asking them about the life after death. In short, most people under hypnosis explained that the beings which they saw after death were representing themselves having characteristics of close relatives, such as family members and friends in order to make the person that had just passed to feel more comfortable until he settles himself once again into the spirit world. Similarly it is possible that the formless beings who people see under altered states of the brain through DMT, are taking shape of known for us figures in order to make us feel more comfortable when coming into contact with them.


It is completely possible that the DMT molecule rewires our brain to perceive realities on different frequencies. This could be the case if we think of the brain as just the receiver and translator of the information which becomes available to it, and that DMT rewires our brain to be capable of receiving information about different realities sharing the same space, but within different frequency bands.
My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists. - Nikola Tesla

To give a simple analogy on how that is possible we can take TV channels - they all share the same space, but reside on different frequency bands and exist at the same time simultaneously. We know for sure today that energy is manifestation of vibrations, therefore if the vibrational frequency of a certain object becomes too high, our senses seize to perceive it, just as we don't hear the dog whistle, because it produces sound on such a high frequency which our sense of hearing cannot detect. 


Here is an interesting thought with no logical explanation whatsoever. Every cell in our body contains genes packed into a DNA molecule.  The active genes in the cell tells it how to produce its vital proteins using the 20 main aminoacids and also what is the cell's function and what receptors it should have. Every cell has unique receptors which are capable of absorbing the chemicals, electrical impluses, etc. and this way the cell knows what reaction it should produce. Therefore we can experience different "hallucinations" from the DMT molecule when it comes into contact with our cells because the genes in them regarding the reaction with DMT and the necessary receptors are active. Here it gets interesting. Both insects' and humans' cells are reacting towards DMT, meaning both the genes in the insects and humans about DMT are active, but evolution, according to science, took different paths and since both humans and insects have those genes active, that means they had to exist and be active since our common ancestor, which was a several-cells organism which was faceless, brainless, eyesless, etc. Yet this organism seem to have had the genes to "hallucinate". Why? What's more crazy is that according natural selection, the genes that were responsible for things which were considered useless should have been eliminated or deactivated, but from the first organisms until today, the genes for producing and reacting to DMT are still active. If DMT, as most scientists claim, is just a hallucinogen then why evolution decided to keep active genes for something that not only has no benefits for any living being, but it could have the reverse effect of helping with survival?

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