March 04, 2018

We as human beings have "willpower" which purpose is to guide the constant movement within our lives into a certain direction. There are two types of "will" - true will and forceful will. In order to understand why it is called Will-Power in the first place, we first have to define what "will" and "power" are as separate words.


Will is the union between mind and action. The human mind comprehends the information from the outside world through the five sense of our body and stores them as memories. It is thanks to the function of our brain to recall memories that we are able to productively use our mind based on the experiences we have stored so far. Imagine for a moment that everytime you want to write a letter you have to study the language and its alphabet. The mind is the conscious tool that we use to comprehend the information from one moment to the next. A decision which we've made based on the information that our mind has comprehended is called "desire", and our attempt to manifest this desire is called "action". So the "will" can be considered as a conscious change that we make based on our desire which is the product of the union between mind and action. Will is literally the act of exhibition of our desires.


Power means "controlled manipulation". There are two types of power exhibition - physical and mindful. Physical power is the manipulation through our body. For example if you want to go to the fridge and take a juice out of it, you are manifesting a physical power - controlled manipulation through our body. Mindful power is the controlled manipulation of certain situation through our memories and thoughts. For example if you are having a conversation with your lover about a topic that had uspet him/her in the past, you can recall memories from that moment and therefore choose the rights words to say so you don't upset him/her again. One more example of power through our mind is recalling memories regarding past experience that didn't end well and use those memories so you don't repeat the same mistake if a certain situation in your life comes up again.


As mentoined above we have "true will" and "forceful will". True will would be the "will" which comes from our deepest desires to manifest a certain change in our lives based on what we want to accomplish. "Forceful will" would be making a change which we would rather have not if we had the choice not to. Therefore from "will" comes the exhibition of "power". Will is taking action based on our mind's desire and "action" leads to exhibition of physical or mindful power, thus we have "Will-power".

Understanding what the willpower is, we now have the key to change our lives in any direction we want. The willpower uses misfortune situations in your life as fuel. It stores the information from the moment of an misfortune event and then uses it as motivation for us to learn and grow. We also had said that will comes from our desire and our desire is the decision we had made through our mind, therefore if our mind chooses to make the decision not to repeat a certain mistake ever again, then that decision fuels our willpower and we no longer see the situation as misfortune, but as an oppurtunity to become a better version of ourselves. It is the mind's decisions that defines if we would view ourselves as helpless and blame the world for our misfortune or we would view ourselves as beings that have the power to guide our lives in the direction we want through our will.

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