March 02, 2018

If a scientific aspect which corresponds to spiritual teachings exists, it would be the fact that our consciousness manifests reality. The study of Quantum Physics tells us that the information from the world around us manifests as reality only when it falls into the awareness of consciousness. There are many possible facts postulated by Quantum Physics. The most groundbreaking one however, must be that the particles which make up everything in our physical Universe, exist only as possibilities outside of both space and time. It is only when such possibilities are being consciously observed, they can be either manifested as reality or not. The most profound Quantum Physics experiment that led to such conclusions is called "The Double Slit".


In this experiment the experimentators had placed 2 walls (one behind the other). The first wall had 2 slits, while the second wall was solid (without slits).

At first look, you would normally expect for only 3 possibilities that could happen to exist if you throw a ball at the first wall.
First possibility - It would hit the first wall and bounce back.
Second possibility - It would go through the left slit and hit the second wall on the left side.
Thrid possibility - It would go through the right slit and hit the second wall on the right side.

When this experiment is done with particles however, the outcome is completely different. Even though there are only two slits, it seems like that the particles are hitting the second wall everywhere at the same time. If we think that the same rules with solid objects apply to particles as well, then this result would seem crazy. Even if you could throw baseballs with the speed of light, it would be impossible to produce the same pattern as the subatomic particles considering the balls can go only through those two slits.


The only logical explanation on how this result is possible, is that somehow the particle turns into a wave. Why a wave? Well if you imagine a wave hitting the first wall with the 2 slits, most of the initial wave will be blocked,  but ripples would pass through the slits and overlap each other. This overlapping of the ripples produce a pattern called an "Interference Pattern". 

In this interference pattern we see points where those ripples intersect (cross paths). Those points represent where the ripples share the same location at that time. In the interference pattern two things could happen.
First - If the PEAK from one of the ripples at that crossing point matches the PEAK from the other ripple,  then the amplitude becomes higgher as they combine into a bigger one. This is refered to as "Constructive Interference".
Second - If the PEAK from one of the ripples at the crossing point matches the TROUGH of the other ripple, then they cancel each other out - they both seize to exist. This is refered to as "Destructive Interference".


I've explained in short what the interference pattern is showing because those crossing points represent the possibility of where the particle is mostly likely to be found. The higher the amplitude in those crossing point is, the higher the possibility that the particle resides there. Since there are multiple crossing points in the constructive interference, that means that the particle exist in multiple places at the same time (as possibilities). This wave function of the energy is actually representing a vibrational frequency. Vibration means movement with ups and downs (peaks and troughs) this is why a wave diagram is the best way to represent a vibrational frequency. Therefore the energy which creates everything in our visible Universe exist in its core only as  different vibrational frequencies. Our eyes detect the vibrational frequencies, they interracting with the photoreceptor cells, which then trigger electro-chemical processes that are being translated by our brain and finally we experience those vibratonal frequencies as physical forms. This means that we experience the world around us through our body-senses. 

Note: A solid object, such as a chair for example, is made up from a lot of atoms, therefore it has an immense amout of energy. And immense amout of energy equals to high frequency of vibrations that create an interference pattern which narrows the possibilities of the particles' probable locations to 1. Therefore objects with a lot of energy have only 1 possibility of its manifestation. But even though we know that this wave property can manifest only a chair, it still exists as a possibility until it is being observed.


We know nowadays that the bodily senses are tools which capture and decode vibrational frequencies so that we can see, taste, smell, touch and hear, or in other words - experience the world around us. In order for us to experience any "reality" however, we have to be conscious. An unconscious person cannot experience the world as he lack the consciousness which comprehends the mind's working. It is interesting to consider that just because a person is unconscious, it doesn't mean his senses are not functioning, the person is just not comprehending the information which they provide about the world, as that information can only be manifested as reality when it falls into the awareness of consciousness. People in coma are a perfect example of that. Many such people after waking up from coma seem to have memories of conversations which had happened in their room. This "phenomenon" could be explained both scientifically and spiritually. Regardless of which explanation one seem to choose as being more truthful, the fact that consciousness manifests reality through making the information from the body experienced, cannot be denied.

Biological - Our sense of hearing does not seize working, therefore when our ears continue to capture the sounds around us, they are merged into words by our knowledge of language stored within the left hemisphere of the brain. Then those words go into our hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory). And what we will remember after being in coma is dependent upon how much of the information from the hippocampus was transfered for long-term memory storage. However, even though you can hear and remember while you are being unconscious, it is impossible to cope intellectually those experiences as the consciousness, in which the works of the mind manifest themselves, is missing.

Spiritual - Many people that had NDE (Near Death Experience) share incredible details of what the doctors in the surgery room were doing at the time they were announced as  clinically dead. "Gifted" people such as clairvoyants, mediums, etc., as well as some people that had NDE, claim that every person has a "silver cord" which connects our astral body with our physical body at the pineal gland, and through that silver cord information of what the astral body is experiencing and seeing is transfered to the physical one. So if a person for example, is experiencing "near death" and he is having an out-of-body-experience, he could see what is happening in the room and later on recall details of what the doctors were doing at the time he was considered clinically dead. A cardiologist from Holland named Pim van Lommel, made the biggest biological research on Near Death Experiences. In 1988, the doctor studied 344 survivors of cardiac arrest from 10 different dutch hospitals. 62 of the patients (18%) recall memories after being in clinical death. Around 50% of the patients stated that they were fully aware of being death and had positive emotions. 30% of the patients talked about moving through a tunnel, seeing a heavenly landscape and meeting with their dead loved ones. Around 25% of the patients had an out-of-body-experience and shared that they had communicated with "the light" or that they've observed colors. 13% of the patients said that they remembered their whole life. Not only that, but a woman named Carol Bowman spent decades of her life travelling around the world and talking to children that claim to remember their past lives in order to find if their claims had any truth. Suprisingly, children from cultures that believe in afterlife and reincarnation have the tendency to recall their past lives easier and not only that the information regarding the people those children claimed to have been in past lives turned out to be correct with astonishing details, but they also seem to have incredible facial similarities with them.


It seems like the "consciousness" which uses our body to experience this reality through its senses, seem to be what we would call "the soul" of a person, and this physical reality is just a manifestation of a certain range of vibrational frequencies which our body is designed to comprehend. So if our consciousness is something that uses the physical vessel (body) to experience a certain range of vibrational frequencies - our world, that means it could be possible for a consciousness to experience a world that resides within a different range of vibrational frequencies if it is manifesting itself in the right vessel capable of decoding that specific range of frequencies through its senses. Perhaps this is what the achievement of a "Rainbow Body" in all cultures talking about it means - rising the vibrational frequency of your consciousness to match a new vessel that can comprehend a new reality.

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