February 12, 2018


Scientific experiments done with the brain some decades ago suggested that human long-term memory is stored inside different parts of the brain (mostly in the neocortex). This was suggested due to experiments in which different people were asked to recall some events or experiences from their past while their brain activity was scanned in real-time. Different memories associated with different emotions and feelings triggered different parts of the brain as more active. Such experiments were the reason for scientiests to believe that human memory is indeed storted inside the brain even though to this day no type of physical evidence in the brain that stores the individual's memory had been found.


In the last decade however, more and more theories, based on new experiments, started to appear, confirming the idea of "collective consciousness". Every neuron in our brain has a tiny electromagnetic field inside of it which has a mechanism to make a connection with outer electromagnetic fields, including the Earth's one. This connecting mechanism is the reason why the human mind could also be influenced by EM fields. In 1986, the first russian space station "Mir" was launched to operate outside of Earth. After a short period of days, the astronaut sent couldn't operate the spacecraft anymore and was forced to be brought back to Earth. After being examined, it was concluded that he had permanently lost all of his memories. Another astronaut was sent to the space station in his place and the same fate had struck him. After investegations were made, it seemed like the Earth's EM field stores the human memories within it somehow.

A theory explaining the phenomenon tells that EM fields inside the brain's neurons could very well connect to the Earth's EM field from which we obtain our memories when we want to recall something from our past. And when we go outside of the Earth's EM field for a certain period of time, we lose our memories. Not only that, but the fact that people were not able to recall their memories  when they got back on Earth means that the neurons' connecting mechanism of allowing our brain to absorb certain information (our personal memories) from the Earth's EM field and process it, is being lost.


According to people that claimed to have connections to people in NASA, scientists had found a way to recreate a good-enough copy of the Earth's EM field and started to place a device on every spacecraft or spacesuit that generates it to the astronauts - that way they don't lose their memories and go crazy when being outside of Earth. The human mind going crazy outside the Earth's electromagnetic field was more or less also documented in The Montauk Project. This all points towards the possibility of Earth's EM field being the storage for the personal memory of every living being that lives and had lived on this planet. And if the human neurons can somehow be re-programmed to not only pull information about our own personal memories, but other information as well, that means we can have access to the history of our Earth since the last geomagnetic poles change. Electromagnetism is composed of photons exchanging information between them. Also, photons as we all know, are the creators of light. They are a source of heat, they can transfer complex information depending on how coherent they are. Photons are also  responsible for exciting or de-exciting matter, etc. which means that the term "photon" is a represantation of some type of "universal energy" that affects everything in the Universe in a critical way. We know from Quantum Physics that every particle is a product of a vibrating field spread througout the cosmos, and photons are no exception. It seems like however, that light as we know it, is the main source of energy that makes the existence of both living and non-living matter possible, as they both are critically dependent on it. Light as mentioned above, is also responsible for the existence of electromagnetism which is the most powerful force of the Universe and it is what holds it togeher, therefore we can assume that light is the most fundamental block of creation. According to occultic teachings there is another type of force that created everything from nothing, and this force is also labeled as "light", because from our point of experience, light is the closest thing with which we can attempt to describe it. Let's label the force which created everything as "Primary Light" for the sake of better explanation. In every level of existence (dimension) this "Universal Light" manifests a specific character associated with the corresponding dimension. In our dimension this "Primary Light" has an "Electromagnetic" character.


From a spiritual point of view - all beingness is stored in that "Primary Light", this includes our memories. Therefore our memories exist forever in the very core of Creation. The primary light, according to Qabalah, is manifesting through the four levels of creation, where the 4th one is our Universe. The 3rd level of Creation stores every possible form, that we can think of, as ideas, thus occultists refer to this level as the "Akashic Records". These records are the memories of everything comprehendable for us, that exist, had existed, and can exist in Creation. The Akashic Records literally represent the information of the "Primary Light" translated into "forms" comprehendable for us. Our bodies however are specifically made to live in this level, therefore they are made to operate with the electromagnetic character of the "Primary Light". This is why when the human body loses the Earth's electromagnetic field, we lose our memories, even though they are never actually lost - it's just that our body is not capable of decoding information from the other levels of existence, therefore we cannot obtain our memories from the other manifested characters of the "Primary Light" existing on those levels through physical means. Every living being however, has a "tool" which he can use to obtain information and knowledge from the Akashic Records. This tool we call "The 3rd Eye", which has to be awakened through balancing the body's chakras system.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.  
- Nikola Tesla

Many experiments done in the past had showed that collective consciousness and thinking is indeed possible. Such experiments for are:

- The "Hundredth Monkey Experiment".

- All of Rupert Sheldrake's experiments showing that all people throughout Earth share information by one collective database that contains every human thought.

- The experiments of Cleve Backster from CIA, showing plants and every other living being reacts to its own environment and also towards our thoughts and emotions.

- The Maharishi effect, which had proved multiple times that when 1% of the human population in different parts of the world meditate on "peace", the worldwide crime rates drop with more than 16% only in the day when this massive meditation is happening.

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