February 08, 2018


The human mind is, and always will be, polar in its core, it cannot contemplate and grasp oneness intellectally, it only understands contrast, difference, separation. It experiences everything as black or white, constantly judging every situation according to its own personal beliefs and knowledge. It seems natural for us to categorize each and every person as "good" or "bad", "sympathetic" or "antipathetic". This type of understanding and awareness however, is destructive and feeds the human Ego which thinks only for itself. This type of self-serving attitude deals only with its individual persona. The world we live in is a reflection of our own collective level of consciousness. The Ego is the wellspring of all poisons plaguing our specie - sexism, racism, nationalism as well as the belief that we humans (one of all the 30+ millions species existing on this tiny planet witin the vast cosmos) are in the center of everything and that the Universe is made to serve us.


Let's take it a step further and think about the belief that the Universe was made to serve only  a certain gender, religious dogma or ethnical group. Such perspectives were, and still are, the cause of death for millions of people around the world throughout the whole of history. Mankind's dualistic thinking is the source of our arrogant belief that we have the right to dominate over others just because we may be part of a certain "sub-division" of people, who we think are special compared to the rest. This "sub-division" with which we may identify ourselves could be our job, our religion, our skin color, our history, our geographical birthplace or our body as a whole. The dualistic and egoistic mind, as well as the human attitude, feels the need to find something with which to self-proclaim itself for something better than the rest who do not possess that "something".


Uncommon strength of the human character is needed for a person to successfully oppose against this type of attitude which we face daily as it is built inside the school system, at work, in our history, in most cultures and even inside our very language. The human desire to fulfill its own individual needs regardless of the miseries of others is manifestation of our realization that everyone dies in time, thus we, as a whole, feel the need to live as what suits our desires best before we die. Because we believe that life is short, and because no individual can be 100% sure that there is life after death, we are always tempted to live up to our desires, even if they require us to be unjust, selfish and harmful. When we view our life as all that there is, it becomes hard to be virtuous, meaning having high moral standards, because living a life of justice, wisdom, courage and temperance means to set boundaries to what we should and shouldn't do in the name of our desires. And that is a not something which everyone seem to be capable of.

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