January 08, 2018

How much do we really know about our history? Is everything really, as it is told by our teachers in school, true? Many facts and archaeological findings point to the conclusion that we, as human specie, are not the only intelligent living beings in the Universe. In the end of 2017, Luis Elizondo (Former Director of the Pentagon's Aerospace ID Program) spoke in his interview regarding the Pentagon's secret project that he was running. During his position as a director of this operation, Elizondo stated they had observed many UFOs that break the laws of aerodynamics and are not in the inventory of any country as far as they are aware. In the end in his interview he stated: 

- "My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone. Whatever that means."


There are more than enough "conspiracy theories" regarding different alien species living here on Earth in secret and working with certain governments. Regardless however, our attention should be mainly focused on our ancient  history if we are to search for alien life. Many things reveal the possibility of different alien species visiting our planet throughout Earth's history, going back to millions of years ago. One of the most compelling examples is the ancient giant footprint found in South Africa.

- 200 Million giant (4 feet long) footprint in rough granite found in South Africa. 

"It is imprinted against the side of a rock, which means that is has been around for so long that the tectonic plates and the movements had pushed it up"
 - Michael Tellinger

More evidence for E.T.'s visiting Earth are given by the Dogon people. They have a drawing on a cave wall which the scientists didn't know what exactly was it until the modern computers had calcuated the orbits of Sirius B around Sirius A. It turned out that this drawing, which according to the Dogons was given to them by beings in the shape of "dolphins" 700 years ago, matches perfectly with the calcuations from the modern computers.

They also knew about all the planets in our solar system and their orbits, as well as about the white and red bloodcells. The information in the Dogon's cave also very accurately illustrates another star that orbits around Sirius. The Dogons stated that it was a very old and very small star which was made of something that they called "the heaviest substance in the Universe." They also stated that this small star goes around Sirius once every 50 years. Astronomers confirmed the existence of Sirius B (the white dwarf) in 1862, and after around 2 more decades, they managed to confirm the second wave of information.

The Dogons believed that the great hero "Nomo" brought humans to this world. He is illustrated as a fish who's head is above the water level, meaning that it breathes the same air as we do.

We find the "Fish Gods" in the Sumerian civilization as well.

The Copts also had such drawing of a fish breathing air.

Another compelling evidence that perhaps tells us giants had walked on Earth is the Abu-Simbel region.

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These temples show us beings which height is way above our avarage. On the first picture you can see shorter beings standing where the big ones feet are. Also the entrances are very high meaning they are probably made for very tall people.


The sumerian civilization is one of the most mystical ones to had lived on our planet. Historics don't have a clue where they came from and how did they appear with such an extraordinary knowledge. They also can't explain why the Sumerians didn't seem to evolve slowly in obtaining new knowledge, but rather received massive knowledge in a span of a few days or weeks multiple times. The only logical explanation would be that they had been given knowledge from someone in steps. They also had written tablets (The Sumerian Tablets) that tells the story about the history of Earth and how giants from another planet created Adam and Eve by using the DNA from a homoerecuts who had lived here 450 000 years ago. The sumerians also gave us massive amout of information that we used to shape our modern understandings. They knew many things regarding astronomy which we had rediscovered not long ago.


Akhenaten ruled Egypt for around 17 years. He changed the whole religion of Egypt, as he had identical teachings with those of Jesus Christ. Akhenaten told people to look for God within themselves, that they don't need priests to find God. He gave people the Sun as a symbolism of God, as its light is the origin of life and love. He was also against invading and atacking other countries, exception were all self-defense actions. His new teachings were not so gladly accepted by the priests and the military force, as they would go out of business, which led to Akhenaten's death. During his time as a ruler he had put a law for anyone who is deling with art, saying they should draw and make scupltures of things exactly as they see it, any additional element would be considered a lie and lying is a sin. Therefore all statues of him and his wife Nefertiti are to be exactly as they looked like when they were alive with no additional elements.

[ Akhenaten ]

[ Nefertiti ]

As you can see, both of them had elongated skulls and a different body shape (compared to ours), as well as their children. Elongated skulls are also found in Peru.


The hindu religion has many gods and spiritual beings that are illustrated with different colors of skin or faces. India also has some of the msot ancient writings about the Earth's history - "Mahabharata" and the "Puranas". They tell the story of an ancient war that happened on Earth, also describing beings, aircrafts, weapons and tools that we know nothing of today. 

A recent research on people's blood led to the conclusion that humans cannot had come from the same ancestor, as some people carry "blue blood". The blue blood color is due to high levels of hemocyanin which could give the skin a bluish or greenish hue depending on its pigmentation. Therefore, the Hindu Gods might not have been illustrated with greenish or bluish skin color just for fun. According to the Yogi Sadhguru however, the skin color of the hindu gods is symbolic of their auras.

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