December 24, 2017


In the diaries of Oleg Manoylov (a russian biologist who lived during the 20th century), researchers had found information regarding his unique experiment in which he had collected 1362 tubes with blood samples of different human types (asians, blacks, whites, etc.) and nations from all over the world. During his experiment, Oleg had added a special solution (composed of silver nitrate, hydrochloric acid and a few other elements) to the blood samples and that had resulted to astonishing results. Some blood samples changed their color to blue while others did not experienced such changes. This change of color is explained to be due to the high levels of hemocyanin (which has copper oxides) in the blood. Our human blood is "red" in color, because of the hemoglobin's iron oxides, which are responsible for the transfering of oxygen through the cells, while the hemocyanin gives a blue color due to its copper oxides. 


Researchers say that this feature could be affected only through a many-centuries-old evolution and can only be transmitted in heredity. This means it would be impossible for people to have had originated from the same ancestor, but instead different species could've had interbred with humans long time ago, which resulted into the creation of hybrids that carry this feature in their blood. In hinduism, for example, some "deities" were illustrated with bluish or greenish skin color, like "Lord Shiva" for example.

[ Lord Shiva ]

If a person has very high levels of hemocyanin in his blood, it would be completely blue (which is the case with octopi). This type of blood would give a bluish or greenish hue to the person's skin depending on his skin pigmentation. This could mean that the Hindu deities were different type of beings that had lived  on our planet long time ago. Also blood with hemocyanin is processing the oxygen 5 times slower than hemoglobin, but processes more carbon monoxide.  This tells us that blue blood is more useful on a planet with different from the Earth's atmosphere, therefore it seems logical to conclude that blue blood originate on a different planet and became a thing on Earth by an interbreeding process. Also blood rich on hemocyanin could absorb and process more information than blood with hemoglobin, which might be responsible for having "supernatural" mental abilities.


The octopus named "Paul" is a perfect example of that. This sea creature had succesfully predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup without a mistake. As i've said above, octopi has blue blood and according to the studies done, the hemocyanin blood type could've been reponsible for the prediction abilities of Paul.

[ Octopus "Paul" ]


According to David Icke, people long time ago claimed to have been given the right to rule over nations, because they had the "Royal blood" running through their veins. This interbreeding between beings from other planets and humans is also mentioned in the Sumerian Tablets (which might be a symbolical story instead of actual happening) and also in the bible.


According to Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic and author, the hue of Shiva's skin is representing the color of his aura. Every person has an aura which is a mix of the colors of all chakras. An enlightened being has a pure white aura, which is the result of  perfect chakras balance. There are 7 main wheels (chakras) within the human body going in direction of the spine, each one corresponding to the 7 main colors. When the chakras are in perfect balance they emit the color they are supposed to, therefore the overall aura of a person would be pure white, for white light is a combination of all 7 main colors. Such enlightened being however would not be active in our physical Universe, for he is experiencing all life within himself. A being that is enlightened, but is active in the physical world has an electric blue aura, therefore Shiva was an enlightened and active deity.

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