December 17, 2017


Many religious and spiritual writings have mentoined the idea of different "levels of consciousness", however little is said in a modern way to describe what these statements actually mean. Many people see consciousness as a way of thinking, intellectual capacity, knowledge or perhaps the life experience as a whole. Some choose to view it as a compilation of opinions or just as a level of awareness. All such statements are not far from what consciousness actually is. However, all of those aspects of our lives don't make up "consciousness", but rather they are manifesting within it. 

We should try to understand consciousness as completely different and separate aspect from the human body and mind. Consciousness is a very subtle thing in which the products (thoughts and emotions) of our mind are manifesting themselves. We cannot think if we don't have a mind and we cannot experience the mind's products if we are unconscious. In an unconscious state, the primitive part of the brain keeps our body alive, but we don't really have any life experience as our consciousness is not present to perceive the worldview of the mind and the bodily senses.


The very experience of consciousness itself is a complete mystery, but we are given the explanation, by the native american kahunas and the ancient egyptian teaching "Hermeticism",  that we are all just different points of attention of one and the same consciousness which we refer to as "God". The level of consciousness should be described as your potential to be aware. Your level of awereness determines how much of existence you can actually experience, and your experience determines your thoughts that shape you as a person. According to Qabbalists, Hinduism, Platonism and the ancient Egyptians, the higher level of consciousness you have, the more connected to everything and everyone else you feel. You begin to realize that everyone has his/her own path on reaching enlightenment and you understand the importance of free will, therefore you do not interfere with the choices of others, because you do not look at their life experience through judgemental eyes. High level of consciousness also makes you see death as a natural process, which takes back to the ground what it grew.


According to Sal Rachele (spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant, channel, author and musician), the level of consciousness is determined by its vibrational frequency. The higher your soul's vibrational frequency is, the higher the level of consciousness you experience. Each dimension according to Rachele, has its own "light codes", which can be labeled under the term "intelligence", that makes up various types of subtle bodies. In our dimension this intelligence is manifested in the form of DNA, which creates our gross (physical) bodies. Every light code in every different dimension vibrates on a different frequency, thus many ancient philosophers and physicians (such as Paracelsus) postulated that there are beings called "elementals" residing within higher dimensions and influence greatly the four elements that make up our world. These elementals were classified as Sylphs (Air), Nymphs (Water), Gnomes (Earth) and Salamanders (Fire). The idea of Angels, Archangels, Cherubs, Seraphims, etc. originates from the same postulation. All of their different "bodies" are made up of the same Intelligence expressing itself in different ways. In secret societies, the idea of this intelligence is expressed as an intangible substance that can take various forms, producing various kinds of subtle bodies, very different from our physical ones. Even though these beings were described to share the same space with us, only a handful of people were able to perceive their existence. TV channels could be a perfect example of how it is possible for different worlds (dimensions) to exist simultaneously sharing the same space. When you decide to turn one channel on, that does not mean the rest of the channels seized to exist. All TV channels share the same space, residing within a different frequency band. Similarly, each "light code" manifested from one and the same intelligence, corresponds to its dimension and the "body" which it creates is tuned only to that dimension.

Philosophers of antiquity realizing the futile attempts to cope intellectually the existence of the Universe, turned their attention towards the human constitution, for they believed that every principle, law and element of the Universe found analogy within man (as below, so above). Thus many divisions of the human constituion were made and studied. The Yogis and Mystics of India for example, divide the human constitution into more than 3 parts. Every human is said to be constituted of physical body, emotional body, energy body and mental body, each one made up of different "light codes" and reside within a different level of existence. Some philosophies postulate that the human being can be divided into two parts, having a physical and a spiritual nature. Even though when the soul is embedded in a physical body, it is still capable of perceiving the higher levels of Creation through a tool namely "The 3rd Eye." Light is also a product of various vibrational frequencies that come from the same source, but we don't see 99% of it, as the senses of the our physical bodies are tuned to experience this phyiscal dimension only.


According to the Yogi and Mystic of India - Sadhguru, every soul represents one and the same consciousness clothing itself in different memories (See Yogic definition of Karma). Many experiments have been made showing and describing that our positive emotions and thoughts have high vibrational frequencies, whereas negative ones have low ones. Therefore the idea of the higher dimensions being more harmonic and peaceful seems to be a logical conclusion. Many modern researchers in the field of conspiracy theories, are of the opinion that beings from other dimensions or planets do not interfere with our lives personally for they understand the importance of free will, therefore they understand that every human and every civilization as a whole, has their own path to go through towards enlightenment, regardless of how silly or destructive it may seem to be.


Sacred geometry also has a way of describing the level of consciousness. It uses circles (female energy) and squares (male energy) to define the level of consciousness of human beings (with the animals the geometrical shapes are different). This method is termed "squaring the circle". Explained in short - the human body makes up a square and a circle depending on the positions of the arms and legs, such example is the "Vitruvian Man".

[ Vitruvian Man ]

[ Squaring the Circle ]

The proportion between the square and the circle which the human body creates, determines in most cases the level of consciousness residing within this body. The closer the proportion is to "Phi", the closer the consciousness is to reaching oneness with "God". This was explained in great details in the Drunvalo Melchizedek's books "The Ancient Secret of the Flower Of Life volume 1 and 2".

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