December 31, 2017


We know that every biological system is made out of information that is stored in our DNA as "genes". The DNA pulls out the encoded in it information and uses it to create our skin, eyes, brain, heart, lungs, etc. or in other words - it creates our physical body. Nowadays we know impregnation happens when a single spermatozoon manages to get inside the woman's egg cell, where it loses its tail and becomes a pronucleus that carries the chromosomes with the DNA information of its male owner. Then the male pronucleus merges with the female one, that is inside the egg cell, and the zygote (the first human cell) which carries both genes of the parents appear. We can say in short that the information which the DNA uses to create our body is stored inside those chromosomes. DNA is an enormous book in which the only differences between people's genes are different rearrangements in the words.


In 20018, Dr. Sergey Lenikin runned an experiment consisting of putting different types of DNAs into normal salted water after marking every type of DNA with a different flourescent color. The DNA molecules marked with different colors were scattered throughout the water and not long after, stacks of DNA molecules were formed. What was fascinating was the fact that all DNA stacks were bound by the same colors, in other words - the same types of DNAs were travelling thousands of miles in their tiny Universe in order to find themselves and bound together without having any other type of DNA molecule being in a different stack other than its own. Leikin thought that this effect was produced due to the electrically charged chains of the double helixes' sugars and phosphates in the DNA that caused the molecules to repel each other. Identical DNA double helixes have matching curves, therefore they repel each other the least. Other researches on this experiment however, postulated that electricity, and electromagnetism as a whole, could not be responsible for such behaviour, leaving gravity as the only force capable f producing such an effect.


If that is really true, it would mean that each DNA molecule has its own intelligent gravitational force that makes the process of bounding itself with identical DNA molecules possible. In this case gravity becomes not "just a force", but an intelligent field filling the whole cosmos. Peter Garyaev's experiments with DNA more or less support this theory. Garyaev's demonstrated that DNA absorbs all light passing near it. Light travels in straight lines, but DNA seems to absorb more light than it should if we consider it to absorb only that light which hits it directly through straight lines. Thus it seems that DNA can bend light and absorb up to around 1000 photons in a single DNA molecule. The only force that can bend light, as we know, is gravity. Not only that, but after Dr. Garyaev removed the DNA sample, photons kept swirling and creating an identical double helix structure in the place where the DNA sample was. This means that DNA leaves something like a "phantom" of itself which has a gravitational pull. No further explanations about this phenomenon has been found yet. What seems to be closely established as a fact however, is that gravity plays a cruical role in the forming of DNA. If that turns out to be true by further experiments, it would mean that the formation of DNA was not accidental, but rather an intelligent force was behind its creation.


There is also the DNA experiment of the Nobel Prize Winner - Dr. Luc Montagnier in which he managed to replicate a DNA molecule using only electrostatic signal (light) inside sterilized water that is composed only of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Many other scientific experiments demonstrated that DNA of people emit light when they're experiencing negative emotions such as anger, stress, depression, etc. In order for a person to feel healthy and good again, his DNA absorbs photons again to keep itself alive. No matter what type of DNA we're talking about, this effect could be observed. Even the DNA of our skin could be restored or destroyed with certain frequencies and intensities of light. The food we eat is also composed of atoms, which are also created and dependent on light. That's why it is not about how much we eat, but what food do we eat, as food carry different types of energies that could either destroy our DNA or keep it in good shape, and in some cases restore it.


Carol Bowman wrote 2 books regarding reincarnation in which she reviewed the stories of children that remember their past lives. Many of their stories are confirmed, after investigations, to be the truth. Also it seems like cultures that believe in reincarnation have their children being more prone to remembering their past lives. Also according to Carol Bowman, different birthmarks are representation of past injuries that caused death in previous lives. Not noly that, but researches showed that children have many facial similarities with the people they've stated to be in their past lives. This would mean that the "soul" of a person carry information regarding its physical appereance in previous lives. That information then merges with the DNA of the new parents upon impregnation, creating similarities to their parents, but also having its own unique physical appereance.

If you wish to read more regarding these topics you can view the experiments of the mentoined above scientists and also check the books of David Wilcock and Carol Bowman.

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