December 03, 2017


There are many unexplainable things for science that make people search for an explanation in various religious, philosophical and spiritual teachings. Perhaps some groundbreaking discoveries of a few scientists that never hit the world as hard as they should have, might have been right all along.

1. Pyramidal structures show remarkable results in Alexander Golod's experiments. They seem to have massive positive effects on everything around them or inside them.

2. Gravity, as David Willcock explains in his books, might not be pulling us but actually pushing us. According to him and the scientists experimented with that, gravity is a field that has the properties of space, time, matter, etc. - it is the sourcefield of everything. That field fills the whole Universe and it is moving through the cosmos. Its movement is disturbed by planets, stars, etc. and since the field has the properties of time, different masses disturbs the field in different ways, making time flow differently. That movement of the field through space is constantly pushing us down, thanks to its contact with our planet, therefore it has the same effects on us as Einstein's theory of gravity proposes. Pyramidal structures appear to create vortexes in that field thanks to their shape, making them having extremely paranormal properties and also making time flow differently (such as the Kailash Pyramid). 

3. Energy can cross into a parallel world when passing the speed of light. Scientists made experiments with various small metalic objects show that when an object is hit hard, some of the atoms in its structure are excited making them pass the speed of light, which results into a disappearance and re-appeareance after 15 to 30 minutes. The objects show loss in weight due to the disappeared energy from its stucture when being hit hard, which then after a short period of time, returns back.

4. Space in the cosmos is not a vacuum, it is filled with the basic state of matter - plasma - through which runs electricity generating electromagnetic fields, which are connecting all galaxies throughout the whole Universe. Most of those electromagnetic fields are outisde of our visible spectrum, therefore we see the cosmos as "empty" even though it is filled with different colors of light. Recent studies point out that Dark Matter could be connected to those plasmic fields.

5. Different frequencies of sound and light could kill a person in different ways - from a quick death to a slow painful death from various diseases.

6. 380nm wavelength of the violet spectrum could heal a cell which is 99% destroyed if the light is not intensive.

7. Electromagnetic fields can influence the mind of a person in various ways, making him more agressive, calm or even sexually prone.

8. Human thoughts have an electromagnetic character as well, therefore according to number 7, a group of individuals thinking on the same thing, could affect the mind of another person. The "Montauk Project" done in 1943, Long Island is more or less based on this principle, so is the "Maharishi Effect". Also all of Rupert Sheldrake's experiments.

9. Even though our thoughts have an electromagnetic character, they are not electromagnetic in their core as Cleve Backster's experiments with plants proved that plants connected to a polygraph and put in an electromagnetic isolator cage still react to his thoughts.

10. Female gender of various organisms could get pregnant without contact with a male individual. They can get pregnant through a surgical procedure where the egg cell is punctured. In that case the female pronucleus gives all chromosomes for the genetic code, which leads to a birth of an identical with its mother organism from a female gender, making possible the virgin pregnancy.

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