October 22, 2017


Psychological maturing comes at different times for every individual depending on what they've been through in the past. Here are some signs of you being mature.

1. You are sharing your good fortune with others.

2. Small talks no longer excite you.

3. You have forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.

4. You find joy in the success of others instead of envying them.

5. You understand that your happiness is not dependent on others but it comes from within yourself.

6. You know that there is always more to learn and there is always room for improvement.

7. You are more open-minded.

8. You don't judge others easily.

9. You listen more and talk less.

10. You respect any kind of differences.

11. You are being more calm and peaceful instead of desperate and irrational.

12. You don't force love.

13. You are being grateful instead of complaining.

14. You are taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions instead of blaming others.

15. You are okay with making sacrifices for the good of others without resentment.

16. Sometimes you prefer to be silent than to engage a pointless argument.

17. You are okay with laughing at yourself.

18. You are accepting and loving yourself without needing anyone to "complete" you.

19. You are not clining to materialistic things.

20. You have good manners and think before you act.
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