October 22, 2017


Most people know Adolf Hitler just as a lunatic that was good in understanding the human psyche and which goal was to create a "pure" race. What most people don't know however is that Hitler was very interested in the Indian and Tibetan cultures. If you know the Indian "puranas" and "mahabharata" (which are some of the oldest sources of history on Earth), you will understand why Hitler was so interested in those cultures. Helena Blavatsky - a russian occultist, a spirit medium and the mother of the "Theosophical Society" was Hitler's teacher  about occultism. Helena Blavatsky had said that all of the information she gives to the people is through channeling (in which case she is the channel). 

[Helena Blavatsky]


Hitler was also part of the "Thule Society", which was one of the most advanced secret societies about occultism along with the "Vril Society". "Thule" was found by Rudolf von Sebottendorf in 1918 and it was disbanded in 1937 into two groups: 

- Esoteros (from greek = inside part) and Exoteros (outisde part).

[Rudolf von Sebottendorf]

Rudolf Steiner was part of the esoteros group. Later on Adolf Hitler took control over the exoteros group and started hunting the members from the inside part, killing everyone he managed to find.

[Rudolf Steiner]

Hitler was also tightly connected to Karl Haushofer, who is the founder of the "Bruders des Lichts" (Brothers of Light) that was later on renamed to the "Vril Society".

[Karl Haushofer] 

For those who don't know, the members of the "Vril Society" were the first ones to create an anti-gravity technology and played a big part in the creation of the "Haunebu-1,2 and 3" (the first anti-gravity spacecrafts). There is a rumor that Nikola Tesla was also involved more or less in the creating of "Haunebu-1". The "Vril Society" had ancient knowledge about older civilizations including civilizations from other planets. They had the information about the "Vimanas" that are mentoined in the Indian religions as spacecrafts used in war. Many people also considered that the "Vril Society" had direct contact with alien races from where they got their knowledge on technology and occultism. Basically Hitler was very close to some of the greatest people with occultistic knowledge such as:
 - Rudolf von Sebottendorf, Rudolf Steiner, Karl Haushofer, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, etc.

[Haunebu spacecraft]


Hitler also had received information regarding secret bases under Antarctica in which different aliens and people from older civilizations live. According to many people that had investigated this topic, our planet has an underground web of tunnels that lead to different "underground cities or bases". Hitler ordered the nazi engineers to create underground bases and tunnels not only in Germany and Poland, but in Russia and Antarctica as well. Most of these underground bases are located on places where there were reports regarding existing underground tunnels that belonged to an unknown civilization. It was so important for Hitler to build a base on Antarctica that he even ordered Karl Dönitz (german admiral) to send a special fleet of submarines towards Antarctica even though he had already suffered losses of submarines, because of the ongoing war.

[Karl Dönitz]


Hitler was also involved in the "Ahnenerbe Project" created by Heinrich Himmler (who had worked for Hitler). Ahnenerbe had many scientists working on different experiments and studying ancient civilizations and cultures. It was the biggest organization working on the occultistic part of reality and scientifically experimenting with it.

[Heinrich Himmler]

After World War 2, the american government tried to find the german's base on Antarctica by sending a whole fleet along with admiral Richard Byrd. According to him, unknown spacecrafts attacked their ships with beams of lasers in one of their expeditions which was later on labeled as top-secret. More countries wanted to learn everything they can about the german's base on Antarctica so they built their own ones after World War 2.

[Richard Byrd]


According to some people close to Hitler, he was not an ordinary man, but more like a channeling medium as he seemed to have two personalities. Hermann Rauschning for example (a close associate with Hitler who later on turned into his enemy) had said: 
- "By looking at him (Hitler) you remind yourself of the mediums. Most of the time they are ordinary humans. Suddenly out of nowhere a great power that makes them more than ordinary humans posseses them."
[Hermann Rauschning]

Denis de Rougemont also had said:
- "Some people felt terrified in his presence, they thought an angel, god or some other higher power had possessed him. You could feel that the energy around him was not coming from just one individual, but it was more like the person was just a conductor for this unachievable power." 
[Denis de Rougemont]

Many witnesses call Hitler a medium and a channel. Others tell that the Führer was hearing voices and messages from another world, and considering his connections with the world's biggest "magicians" mentoined above, this really could had been the case. 
Hitler was also responsible for the creation of the "Lebensborn" program, where different experiments on children were made in order to create the pure race that would take control over the world when they grow up.

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