August 02, 2017

"Creation" - this word in its most profound meaning describes the single most mysterious topic. We can safely say that science today is far from discovering what underlies our physical Universe. The sacred books of all religions also fall short of describing in details how exactly did "God" created everything. In many religious scripts, God is said to have Created through the Word, thus comes the famous saying "And God said "Let there be light". But how did the "Word" of this transcendental intelligence, which we refer to as "God", begot everything that IS? In this article we'll look at some points of history, some scientific researches that led to the better understanding of our Universe, and then compare their statements with some of the most profound religious teachings. I would like to begin by presenting a brief summary of the book "Geheimakte Bundeslade. Das größte Geheimnis der Menschheit" by Stefan Erdmann regarding the Knights Templar.


Some authorities state that in the beginning of the 12th century, "The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ" (also known as the "Templars"), found The Ark of the Covenant thanks to Bernard of Clairvaux. Bernard received a vision in which he was given the whereabouts of the Ark. According to his vision it was burried in the Holy Lands of Jerusalem by Solomon.

After many efforts the Templars managed to reach the destination and they do find the Ark. Stefan Erdmann gives us incredible logical conclusions and facts pointing towards the possibility for the Ark to have been left by one of the most advanced civilizations to had ever lived on our planet - "Atlantis".

After analyzing the scrolls found in the "Ark", according to Stefan Erdmann, the Templars began to understand how "Creation" began, what physical laws manifest inside a pyramidal structure, why the Ancient Egyptians (which were the survivors from the Atlantis cataclysm according to the documents found) held in such high esteem this exact geometric structure, as well as vast knowledge regarding the life beyond the physical world. According to the secret Templars society, the cosmos does not have any empty space. In the beginning everything was filled with energetic particles translated by the modern Templars as "ancient plasma". Those "ancient plasma particles" were stored within very tiny cubic force fields that are invisible for our modern technology. This becomes the first connection to nowadays' science. Not long ago our modern scientists found that a fourth state of matter exist. It is common knowledge that there are 3 forms of matter - solid, liquid and gas. However, with the advancement in technology science discovered another state of matter which was later on termed "plasma", which is but a manifestation of the Templars' "ancient plasma". Surely every avarage person in terms of scientific knowledge, knows that everything is made up of atoms which are made up of quarks, gluons and electrons (See Quantum Basis of the Universe)

[Plasma field]


The solid state of matter is gross because its frequency of vibrations is very low, therefore it has low amout of energy,and the atoms do not move around much. When solid matter is put under heat, the atoms absorb that heat, which is a source of energy, and begin to vibrate on higher frequencies, making them move and spread further away from one another. This spreading of the atoms turns the solid state of matter into a liquid. If the liquid continues to be heated the same principle is applied - the atoms continue to absorb the energy and spread out even more, turning the liquid into a gas. If the gas state of matter is put under even higher temperature the electrons of the atoms will be stripped away from the nucleus, creating a field of free electrons and positive ions, thus producing a plasma field. Any further heating will lead to unbounding of the quarks that make up the protons and neutrons of the atom, leaving space filled with what scientist call "quark-gluon-plasma". Usually when the electrons of the atom absorb energy (for example - in the form of heat) they can move in a different, more distant orbit around the nucleus, therefore if they receive enough energy they can be stripped away from the nucleus - this is exactly what happens when matter is heated to a degree higher than that of a "gas". Basically the modern "quark-gluon-plasma" state of matter represents a field from which all other states of matter are manifested - this matches perfectly with the knowledge from the scrolls found in the Ark. What the Knights Templar tried to convey when talking about the "cubic force fields" containing "ancient plasma particles", is identical with the idea of Gottfried Leibniz. According to him, the Universe is made up of infinite number of separate monadistic units that create everything in it. A more modern explanation would be to consider those "monadistic units" as a type of particles that has the capability to create everything material (body) and non-material (mind).


According to the Templars' documents originated from the Ark, the "Ancient Plasma" was static before the Universe was created - meaning that those particles were in a fixed non-moving position inside every cubic force field and had existed in the cosmos from the beginning of time. If the cubic force fields filled with plasma particles were static that means the particles could not interract with one another, therefore no matter and no life could have existed. In order for "Creation" to have had happened something had to give the initial push of those "cubic force fields", or in other words - manifest their potential to interact with one another. That initial push was manifested in the form of vibrations which produced the first movement. Scientifically speaking, if a certain frequency of vibrations appear, the particles could have began to move and interact with one another according to certain geometrical patterns. These philosophical ideas are in complete sync with Quantum Physics, which state that our Universe represents just space filled with vibrating fields, and those vibrations not only create everything that exist within our physical world, but we as human beings perceive those vibrations as physical objects and particles. (See Quantum Basis of the Universe)

Dr. Hans Jenny, the founder of the word "cymatics" had made many tests and ran many experiments on how vibrations affect matter through geometrical patterns. This brilliant scientist took ordinary water and put tiny particles termed "colloids" inside it. Since these particles are very tiny they did not sunk. When Jenny exposed the water with colloids in it to different vibrational frequencies, the particles began to form perfect 3D geometric structures. The higher the frequency got, the more complicated the structures became. This experiment showed that vibrational frequencies create geometrical patterns. Those geometrical patterns created from the vibrational frequencies tells and guides the particles where to go, where to stay and how to interact, and they will obey and follow those movements as long as the vibrational frequency that creates the geometrical pattern is still present. The moment that the frequency of vibrations is turned off, the particles will go into their normal state of arrangement, as the geometrical pattern which they followed until now will disappear.

[ Water molecules under the basic sounds of human voice - geometrical patterns ]

Consider now, the Templars' knowledge from the Ark is correct and the Universe was really filled with those "cubic force fields" storing ancient plasma/monadistic particles. Replace then, the water with the Cosmos and the colloids with the Monadistic Particles, and then run the same experiment, but on a larger scale. We then reach to the conclusion that when the first Vibration came to be, the monadistic particles began to move, and therefore interract with one another according to the geometrical pattern manifested by that initial vibrational frequency, only to create the first subatomic particles, and therefore the material Universe. The geometrical patterns which the subatomic particles obey to form everything physical, could be found from the smallest visible for us objects, to the orbits, placements and movements of whole planets, stars and even galaxies. Everything from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos, obeys the laws of certain geometrical patterns, which on other hand are a product of different vibrational frequencies. This being said, perhaps the knowledge from the Ark was not just someone's imagination transcribed on paper.

The geometrical pattern which the particles in the Universe follow was illustrated by Garrett Lisi through his "Majestic E8" model. He and a few more physics scientists created a model illustrating every possible movement of the subatomic particles. Far more movements that could show more possible and more complexed geometrical patterns, could be revealed if scientists manage to find all of the existing particles in the Universe.

[Geometrical patterns formed by the movement of particles - E8]

The geometrical patterns which the particles follow can also be seen in "quasicrystals" (atomic structure of matter). When you shoot an x-ray beam through a metal, a crystal or another solid natural form of matter, a pattern is revealed showing the placement of the atoms that create this certain object. It really seems like there is an intelligence that not only creates the subatomic particles, but it also guides them how to interact so they can manifest everything we see around us. 

["Quasicrystal" - atomic structure of matter]


To finish the subject by connecting all the information we've looked at so far, i'll make a quick intoduction to the works of Masaru Emoto. Even though, his researches were never claimed to be proven as the real deal, some scholars and authorities support Emoto's opinon that our thoughts and feelings have their own frequencies of vibrations, because every experience of a thought or an emotion requires energy from to the body to be produced, and because all energy exist as vibrations within the Quanum Fields that underlie our Universe, they are reflected upon those fields as vibrational frequencies. As we already stated above, all vibrational frequencies create geometrical patterns that guide the subatomic particles on how to move and interact, therefore in theory it seems possible to impact water molecules in such a way so they rearrange themselves according to the produced geometrical patterns by our thoughts and emotions. The complexity of the geometrical patterns produced are dependent on what thoughts and emotions we experience, as every thought and emotion produce a different frequency. If our emotions are negative (hate, anger, fear, etc.) the frequency of vibrations is very low, while the positive emotions, like love and joy, have higher frequencies, creating more complicated gometrical patterns. Emoto postulated that by freezing water molecules placed in front of a person experiencing positive thoughts and emotions, as well as water placed in front of a person experiencing negative ones, the images he gets are very different, because of the different frequencies produced by both the positive and negative thoughts and emotions. When he viewed the photos of the frozen water, he saw that the molecules which were near the person with the positive thoughts had formed very beautiful and complicated geometrical images, while the photos from the negative thoughts showed a complete chaos with no geometrical patterns whatsoever.

Therefore if we are to explain this simply - our thoughts and feelings emit their own frequencies of vibrations. Each frequency carries the information of the thought in the form of geometrical pattern. Having said this, if the vibrations do carry our thoughts, that means the photos from the frozen molecules of the water literally represent an image of our thoughts from the time frame in which we had experienced the associated thought.

[Frozen molecules of different thoughts and feelings]


This all means that the initial vibration which made the field with monadistic/plasma particles move and initiated "Creation", could as well had come from a very powerful mind. I say powerful, because if we consider that vibrations do carry out the information of our thoughts and feelings, we are led to the conclusion that those first particles began to interract with one another, following a "THOUGHT" that contained the information about the structure of the whole Universe in the form of different geometrical patterns. A mind that is capable of a thought that can carry out an image of the whole Universe within a vibrational frequency must be far too complex to be grasped by our finite understanding. The mind, according to the most profound philosophical and spiritual teachings - Hinduism, Hermeticism and Qabbalah, does not come from the brain, nor the body, but actually uses them, therefore the mind that gave the initial vibration and began "Creation" is what we would refer to as "God", but not as a physical being. It is also interesting to consider that we produce sound in the form of vibrations when we speak, thus "God" begot through his "Word". According to Qabbalistic teachings, our physical Universe is only but one world of Creation termed "Malkuth", in which 3 more worlds exist. (See Qabbalah). Considering this, then the answer to what was before the Big Bang which describes the process through which our physical Universe was created, is to be looked for within the idea of our Universe existing as a certain range of vibrational frequencies that was manifested after the creation of the first 3 worlds residing within the higher frequencies. (See Hermeticism). If we are to describe this statement, we must visualize that we are producing a vocal sound. If you were to shout loudly, the sound will be very strong closer to its source (yourself), and weaker as it gets further away from the source. A person standing 1 meter away from you, will experience your sound very strongly, but a person standing 10 meters away will experience it weaker. These different tones of the same sound represent the different worlds residing within the different frequency ranges. In a similar way, when "God spoke", his "Word" began to travel further and further away from him. The further his sound of creation traveled, the weaker the tone got. Both Qabbalists and Hindus separate the different tones (frequency ranges) of Creation into 3 to 4 different worlds. The Big Bang is a product of the "God's sound" manifesting from the 3rd world of Creation into the 4th (our physical Universe) by the tone getting weaker. (See The 3 Gunas of Creation

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