June 11, 2017


Cleve Backster is a person who had worked for the U.S. Counter-Intelligence where he gave lectures regarding the danger of foreign forces using hypnosis for retrieving information from government employees without limits. Backter puts the secretary of the General (head of the Counter-Intelligence at the time) under hypnosis with her agreement. He orders her to get a top-secret document out of the general's locked drawer and she voluntarily agrees. After Backster gets her out of hypnsosis the secretary doesn't remember anything that had happened while she was under it. This was an enormous risk for Backster as he could had been sued, but on 17th December 1947, Backster receives a thankful recommendation letter from his General in which it is stated that his researches are "from primary importance for the military counter-intelligence".


Backster starts working with the CIA and also with one of the pioneers in the usage of the polygraph. In 1951 he quits CIA in order to become director of the Chicago Polygraph Institute (the only place where people could have had learnt how to work with the lie detector at that time). By 1958 Backter has enough free time to start intensive researches with the lie detector. The polygraph works in the following way: - If you want to catch if someone's lying, you first have to find out what he is hiding. If your questions make the person feel threatened or worried, then the electric activity on his skin gets stronger and the polygraph detects that immediately. The scientist decides to find out if he would be able to get a human reaction out of his new plant by threatening its life in some way. Backster tries soaking one of the plant's leaves in hot coffee, but with no result.

He knocks another one of its leaves with his pen, but still he hardly gets any response. After around 14 minutes of recording on the polygraph, Backster decides to get matches and burn one of plant's leaves. In that exact moment the plant was located on around 15 steps away from the scientist; the only thing that had happened was his thought. The moment in which the image of him burning the plant's leaf appeared in his imagination, the polygraph's pen jumped up like crazy. He didn't have said anything out loud, he didn't touch the plant, he did not even had the matches in his hand - the only thing that existed at that time was his intention to burn one of the plant's leaves. The plant literally had read his mind. Later on, Backster decides not to burn his leaf and puts the matches back in the desk and the polygraph's curve goe back to its normal state.


After more experiments the scientist finds out that plants can also "get emotionally attached" to people taking care of them. With the help of synchronized watches, Backster proved that everytime he goes out of his laboratory and decides to come back, the plants attached to the polygraph show remarkable emotional reactions in the same exact moment when the scientist decides in his mind to come back to the laboratory. As time passed by, the scientist noticed a high activity from his plants in the moment he poured a saucepan full of boiling water into the sink of his laboratory. After doing research he finds out that the sink was very dirty and many bacteria died when came into contact with the boiling water; the plant considered that as a threatfor its own life and the polygraph activity went up. Backster decided to create a machine that randomly drops one of the lowest liferoms (shrimps) into boiling water in order to confirm the effect with the bacteria. Everytime a shrimp was dropped into the boiling water, theplant's polygraph activity went up , reacting to the shrimp's death. This effect however was occuring only at night when no human beings were nearby because the human's energy field is a lot more stronger, therefore the plants "lose interest" in the shrimps if humans are nearby. Backster periodically and systematically finds that every living being is connected to its environment. During events of high stress, suffering, fear or death, all living beings in the correspondending environment have automatic electrical reaction - as if they share that pain as well.


Probably the most astonishing Backster discovery was the following: - He receives human cells from someone's mouth by asking him to swish water in it and then spit the content of his mouth in a tube. That tube goes under a process in a centrifuge, in which case the living white blood cells come out on the surface of the content and the scientist extracts them by using a dropper. After that, the cells are being put in a very small bag with a diameter of 1 millimeter and extremely thin golden wires are being used as electrodes. That way the living samples are able to survive between 10 to 12 hours. In 1988 Backster does this experiment with the cells of the former NASA astrounaut - Brian O'Leary. The astronaut went to the San Diego's airport to fly back to Phoenix, which is located on a distance around 500 kilometers away from Backster's laboratory. Brian synchronizes his wath with Backster's so the scientist can observe Brian's cells left in the laboratory during the whole time. Before the astronaut flies away the two of them decided that Brian has to keep detailed notes of his travel. It turned out that during the times of Brian's trip when he was experiencing stronger emotions , his cells in the laboratory 500 KM away reacted instantly with an increased activity on the polygraph. That means that Brian's emotions and thoughts were "detected" by his cells back in the laboratory with a speed faster than the speed of light, but how is that possible when we consider that nothing can go faster than the speed of light in our "dimension" and not even photons or any particle can travel faster? Isn't this similalr or perhaps the same effect as "Quantum Entanglement" where particles that are "entangled" react to each other INSTANTLY regardless of the distance? Even if one particle is here on Earth and the other one is on the other side of the Universe, if you make a change in the particle here on Earth, the other particle will instantly react to that change as well. Isn't that a prove of an existing "dimension" outside of our reality where space-time doesn't exist and our thoughts and emotions live there? To try and explain that simple i'll give you the following exampl:
- Imagine you have a movie that you play on your computer. If you were IN that movie, you would experience the time linear just like in your everyday life. But since you are NOT IN the movie, you can manipulate that movie by going back in time or in the future of the movie as you live in a higher dimension compared to it.


Backster also proves that our thoughts are actually not electromagnetic in their core. It is true that our thoughts and emotions are expressed as electrical signals throughout our body and in our brain, but they are actually something else that express itself as electricity and electromagnetism. Backster puts his plants in cells that act like electromagnetic and electrical isolators, but the plants connected to the polygraph still reacted to his thoughts and intentions. All of this means that everything in this three-dimensional space is connected to each other and everything has SOMETHING that makes it "alive". It's like the "individuality" and "separation" are happening only in this low vibrational reality. Let's take a look at one of the most ancient teachings - Kabbalah. According to it everything has a soul and according to what you sow in this life - this is what you reap in your next. For example if you judge other people and hurt them with your words then you will reincarnate into a stone or a plant being unable to talk. Other spiritual teachers tell us that if you do bad thins in life the vibrational levels of your soul start to decrease and become unable to reincarnate into a complex matter such as the human body as your soul is no longer compatible with the high vibrations of the human body and has no choice but to reincarnate into an animal, plant or stone. You can find many ancient spiritual teachers saying that EVERYTHING has a soul - even stones. It is true that plants and stones do not have limbic system which according to our human views is the part of the brain responsible for emotions, but that does not mean plants are uncapable of "feeling" and do not "hear" in a way far more complex for the human mind to comprehend.

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