June 16, 2017


The pineal gland is located right in the center of the human brain, but it is not a real part of it, as it is not protected by the brain's tissue. It also has the form of a pinecone. It has a hollow interior filled with water-like liquid and receives a lot more blood than any other part of the body with the exception of the kidneys. Since the pineal gland is not protected by brain's tissue barrier, the liquid in it gathers more and more mineral waste which leads to calcifying.

Descartes was convinced that human beings are made up from two basic ingredients - a soul and a body, and the pineal gland was the connection between them. He said that:
- "The part of the body in which the soul directly tests it's basic functions is not the heart at all, it is not even the whole brain. It is more likely the innermost part of the brain, which is defined as a very small gland, located right in the middle of the brain's matter. And the most unclear image from the sensory incentives (of the soul) appears automatically on the surface of the pineal gland."


The pineal gland has an incredible similarity to our eyes - it has the same form and tissues. It is also the main source of the circulating melatonin, which tells us when to sleep during the night and when to wake up during the day. When there is no light around us, it produces the melatonin, which makes us sleepy and if we use an artificial light, the pineal gland gets "fooled" and stops the melatonin's producing - that may lead to some serious illnesses.

The retina and the pineal gland are the organs responsible for the recognition and complex processing of the outside sources of light which are done by the body. The photoreceptor cells of the retina resemble a lot the pineal gland's cells. The pineal cells of the sub-mammals are light detectors so it is completely possible that this is the case with humans as well. Due to the simillarity between the retina's cells and the pineal's cells, people can capture photons through their pineal gland and send them to their brain by a process called "Phototransduction". The pineal cells also contain a group of retinal proteins that are involved into the phototransduction process. All this leads to the conclusion that the capturing of light (photons) could be done by the pineal gland thanks to its cells which are similar to the photoreceptor cells of the retina and the retinal proteins.
Let's compare all this to what Jesus Christ had said:
- "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness."

We can see clearly that Jesus was talking about the pineal gland, which is capable of capturing and transmitting light.


S. Baconnier and his team had made dissection of 20 different human pineal glands and found inside them 100 to 300 small crystals on a cubic millimeter made mostly from calcite. These crystals are very simillar to the crystals found in the inner ear, which are "piezoelectric", meaning that in the presence of an electromagnetic field they start to shrink and expand. When the inner ear detects sounds these crystals come into contact with it, making them shrink and expand, therefore these piezoelectric crystals play a cruical role for our hearing process. Some piezoelectric crystals emit different amout of light - this process is called "piezoluminescence". This effect can be observed with hand flashlights - when we slide the button, the flashlight emit a beam of light. This beam is emitted thanks to the pressure on a pizoelectric crystal located inside the flashlight.
The pineal gland is also responsible for producing DMT - a substance which structure is simillar to melatonin. The base substance for both molecules is the serotonin - a neurotransmitter that regulates the behaviors and is also called "the hormone of happiness". DMT also has simillarity in structure with other psychedelic medicines, such as LSD, and it is the basic ingredient in "Ayahuasca", which the amazonian shamans use to trigger out-of-body experiences. 

Nick Sand - son of one of the leading scientist in the "Manhattan Project", found that DMT has an incredible piezoluminescence and probably a color changing piezochromism as well. He is the first chemist that illegally manages to synthesize DMT. Nick and a fellow worker of his from the laboratory are the first ones to notice that DMT demonstrates a strong piezoluminescence by collecting hardened DMT on a tray and start hitting it with a hammer and a screwdriver in a brightly lit room. The strikes provoke massive amouts of colorful light. The piezoelectric crystals and the DMT crystals both emit light and are found in the pineal gland. This points to the conclusion that the pineal gland is fully capable of capturing photons, just like our eyes.


As I said the pineal gland is not protected from the barrier of the brain's tissue, therefore the flooding of the blood with DMT could easily load the pineal gland with piezoelectric crystals. That could make the 3rd eye capture more photons, that may come from a different dimension thanks to the principles i've discussed above. When I say "different dimension", i mean - photons which wavelenght is outside of our visible electromagnetic spectrum.
As I've also said - the calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland are very simillar to the piezoelectric ones, therefore it is completely possible for electromechanical mechanism to exist which is connected to the outside electromagnetic fields. These crystals could turn out to be responsible for the electromechanical biological transduction in the pineal gland thanks to its structure and its piezoelectric characteristics. For that reason the scientist Baconnier is strongly worried about the mass usage of cellphones and other devices that emit microwaves, as they could get in direct contact with the piezoelectric crystals in the pineal gland and change the way it functions. We're literally talking about disabling the pineal gland with electromagnetic frequencies. This could also lead to less producing of serotonin, melatonin and DMT. That could lead to different health issues.
Flouride - the one that we consume through most of the water sources and toothpastes, calcifies the crystals in the pineal gland. Due to the blood flow, the flouride travels directly into the pineal gland where it gets attached to the microcrystals which are already floating in it and it covers them with hardened mineral waste, that can be seen under x-ray.
Daniel Freedman and Nicholas Jarmin confirmed that the human brain produces serotonin in its different parts. In the thalamus for example 61 nanograms serotonin on every gram tissue are found; 56 nanograms in the hippocampus; 482 nanograms in the central grey matter; but in the pineal gland - 3140 nanograms on a gram tissue is found! That means the pineal gland is the richest on serotonin part of the brain. If the pineal gland gets calcified thanks to the mineral waste from flouride and junk food, that would lead to less production of serotonin, melatonin and DMT as I said above.


Let us look at some stories regarding the third eye through history.
"OM" is the sound of the 7th and final chakra (crown chakra). It is located just above the head after the 6th (3rd eye). It is said that people who've unlocked the 7th chakra are being illustrated throughout history with halos around and above their heads (just like Buddha and Jesus Christ).

[Jesus Christs's halo around his head]

[Buddha's halo around his head]

The halos above the Angel's head are also illustration of the awakened 7th chakra. Once a person reaches the "OM" he starts to evolve into a new state of consciousness and physical being - the being that every person is capable of becoming. "OM" or the 7th chakra means "The voice of the Universe" and it is translated as "I am". The word "shanti" which is used in many mantras for meditation with the purpose of reaching the "OM" is translated as "peace, therefore "Om shanti" is translated as "I am a peaceful soul". As I've stated above, the pineal gland looks like a pinecone. Let's take a look on where this symbol of the 3rd eye appears throughout history.

- The sculpture of the mexican god is illustrated with a pinecone and a fir in hand.

- The rod of the egyptian Solar God - Osiris has 2 snakes "Kundalini", that interweave and turn their heads towards the pinecone at the top.

- The Assyrian-Babylonian winged god - Tammuz is illustrated with a pinecone in hand.

- The greek god - Dionysus has a rod with a pinecone at its top that symbolizes the fertility.

- The roman god of wine - Bacchus also wears a rod with a pinecone. 

- The catolic pope wears a rod with a pinecone located in the place right above his hand.

- The biggest sculpture of a pinecone in the world is located in the Vatican. There are many more examples of this symbolism.

- The golden mask of king Tut represents an ureus or the "Kundalini snake" coming out of his forehead right at the point where the pineal gland is located.


In different stories and myths, like the Incas one for example, it is said the energy of the "Kundalini" snake symbolizes the rising of a person's consciousness throughout the 7 chakras starting from the bottom (1st chakra - Muladhara) and working their way up through the 33 vertebrae of the spine towards the top (7th chakra - Sahasrara). The masons are clearly aware of this and this is why there are 33 degrees in masonry. When "Kundalini" reaches the 6th chakra (the 3rd eye) the person becomes capable of receiving information from "God" (The Universe/Multiverse), which is the 7th chakra that corresponds to the sound of the Universe - "OM". When this happens the person starts to evolve into a higher being thanks to his ability to receive information directly from the "Source Field" which contains the information of everything. a person with access to the Universe's "Source Field" could perhaps be capable of doing "supernatural" things, such as: - Walking on water, healing by just laying a hand, levitation of self or objects with the mind, materializing objects, etc. I won't go into details regarding this, but you can check the articles regarding the "Montauk Project" in which brilliant minds such as Nikola Tesla's and Einsten's were invloved, the work of Dr. Luc Montagnier where he proves that DNA could be replicated and "teleported" to another place as it emits electromagnetic signals of it's own construct, therefore DNA could in its core be an information contained within the "Source Field" and if a person has access to that field he could perhaps change his DNA. It is also proven that DNA is changable according to our thoughts and way of life. The "magic" things that Jesus did were thanks to an opened 3rd eye and connection to the "Source Field". Sadly Jesus Christ nowadays is linked with the bible even though his original teachings were a lot more different. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other "Gods" had an opened 3rd eye, but their teachings were understood differently by the people and therefore interpreted accordingly to their different understandings.

[Explains what human thoughts and mind are capable of and also why they are electromagnetic]

[ Explains Cleve's Backster's experiments and prove that a "Source Field" do exist and connects everything ]

[ Dr. Luc Montagnier's experiment is described in details in part of this article ]


The medicine also uses this following symbol, which also illustrates DNA.

[Symbol of Medicine]

The rod symbolizes the spine and the snakes illustrates "Kundalini", which interweave towards 7th chakra at the top. This symbol comes from the father of the medicine's staff - the greek healer - Hippocrates, but he also got his knowledge from ancient teachers that lived during the time of Egypt. In the Inca's "teachings" after the "Kundalini" reaches the 7th chakra it turns into a bird, which symbolize the freedom and the infinite potential of the Universe. This is the reason why some egyptian statues of pharaohs are illustrated with snakes coming out of their forehead or with birds. In the Vatican's statue case, the pinecone has 2 birds on both sides symbolizing this exact thing. In many places the pinecone is illustrated with 2 snakes on both of its sides or 2 birds. The symbolizing with the 2 birds comes from the Egyptians, where they've drawn the "Benben stone" with a bird on two of his sides. The name of the bird was "Benu".

[Benben Stone]

Depending on the egyptian source of information, the bird could be illustrated as a hawk, eagle, heron or а yellow wagtail. In the greek mythology the bird "Benu" is known as a phoenix. This mystical being meets its death by setting itself on fire in order to be reborn from its ashes - this symbolizes the awakening of the soul and transformation. The words Benben and Benu have the same root syllable "Bn", which translates as "Ascension" or "Rising" in egyptian. In some cases we see the Benben stone along with 2 snakes, that represents the Kundalini snakes. Also according to the egyptian mythology the cry of the Benu bird laid down the beginning of the great cycles of time. It is considered that those cycles were defined by the Divine mind.
In hinduism the Shiva's lingam is a stone (with the form of the pineal gland) . The mythology connects it to the center of the world, from which the Shiva himself emerged through a fire explosion. In ancient Greece we run into the "Omphalos" stone that has the form of the pineal gland. In the roman empire the same stone was know as "Betyl".

[Omphalos Stone]

The islamic beliefs are also organized around the idea of a holy stone - the "Kaaba", which is a central object for worshipping in the holy lands of Mecca. Only a small part of the Kaaba stone is exposed so the people can kiss it and it is stylized as a vertical eye. The pineal gland started to be illustrated as a pyramid as well because of the roman's coins.

[Kaaba Stone]

You can read more details on this topic in the David Wilcock's book - "The Source Field Investigations"

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