May 05, 2017


Egyptologists claim that the big pyramid in Giza was made as a Tomb for Pharaohs and was built for 23 years by using copper saws and chisels. Actually not a single clue of a Pharaoh was ever found inside any of the pyramids in Giza. What is even more shocking is that scientists who have PhD in physics and engineering are willing to support this statement. Some simple mathematical calculations however, make this theory highly improbable. 


The big pyramid in Giza is made out of 2.5 milion blocks, each one with avarage weight of 10 tons. The "mine" from which the blocks were taken (removed, cut and polished) is located on approximately 900 km away from the place where the pyramid was built. The blocks are cut precisely in perfect size, which is something extremely difficult to do even with modern technology. In order for the egyptologists' story to be true some requirements must be met. First, you will need 1 300 000 very strong men, each one capable of lifting 200 kg and carry those blocks on a distance of 900 km through dry and hot desert. Only around 12 people could be fit around each block which means each person has to carry around 1000 kg. Let's say you can create reels. With such sizes a well-made reel could reduce the weight that each person has to carry to around 200 kg. You would need ONLY 24 000 reels as they can be used multiple times. In order for the big pyramid to have been built for 23 years, each block had to be taken (dug from earth, removed, cut and polished) then carried throughout the desert to the place of the construction, being uploaded onto ramps that leads it to its exact location and put in a certain sequence every 6 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day and every night without any rest for 23 years. The necessary amout of blocks for the creation of ramps would be around 5 milion accurately cut blocks, which can make the placement of the blocks on the pyramid easier. Let's not forget that the people from that time did not have heavy machines that ccould work with fuel. That means a caravan of men, horses or camels, chariots, blocks and reels had to go the distance of 900 km through the desert 24 hours a day without any breaks for eating and sleeping for 23 years. That is not even the craziest part. The copper saws, that according to egyptologists were used to cut the blocks, could cut materials with hardness up to 3.0. The blocks of the great pyramid are with avarage hardness between 5.5 and 6.0. Also no one has ever found even one of the 24 000 reels or the 5 milion blocks for the ramp in Cairo or nearby regions.


1. The great pyramid is orientated exactly towards the 4 directions of the world. The deviation is around 0,06% nowadays (probably no deviation when it was made). The accuracy of the structure's orientation is with the accuracy of the modern atomic clock.

2. The height of the pyramid - 146.50m corresponds to the distance from Earth to the Sun in million kilometers.

3. A scale of 1:43 200 could be taken out from the pyramid. The height of the pyramid multiplied with 43 200 gives the value of 6 328km , which with a very minor deviation corresponds to the polar radius of the Earth (around 6 355 km).

4. If we multiply the perimeter of the pyramid with 43 200 we will get the value of 39 808 km, which corresponds (with deviation of about 0.7%) to the circumference of the Earth at the equator ( 40 788 km).

5. The sides lenght of the quadrangular base of the pyramid is 365 342 cubits - a number that corresponds to the total number of days in our solar system.

6. The three pyramids in Giza are constructed in a Pythagorean triangle; their sides are with a ratio of 3:4:5.

7. The pyramid can be used as a huge sun clock.

8. The distance from the pyramid to the center of the Earth is exactly the same as towards the North Pole and corresponds to the distance from the North Pole to the center of the Earth.

9. The pyramid is built as a flattened octahedron. For that reason its angles are 51,51 degrees. If the pyramid was built as a tetrahedron its angles were going to be 60 degrees. At first the pyramid was lined with white limestone stones. The base part of the limestone is calcite. If we look at it under a microscope on certain angle, we can see that the 2 angles of the base of its triangular molecule are also 51,51 degrees.

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