May 01, 2017


Our planet, as you perhaps may know, has an electromagnetic field. There is a scientific theory that the EM field of Earth has lines (known as "electromagnetic flux lines") where the energy is highly concentrated. Since the Earth's EM field is all around it, the flux lines intersect in some places and create vortexes of energy, thus we have places on Earth where we see energy anomalies. On the other hand, there are another type of lines called "ley lines". They however, are associated with the alingments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures throughout the planet. These ley lines seem to be in coherence with the Earth's electromagnetic flux lines. Monuments, paths and cities created by the Aztecs, the Sumerians and the Mayans for example, seem to be in perfect coherence with most of the potential flux lines. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek (a spiritual teacher), the ley lines created by the position of the ancient structures are in perfect coherence with a grid, which according to him, is reponsible for the collective human consciousness. What he and Sal Rachele (a spiritual medium and a former student of physics) tried to convery through their books talking about this, is that the ley lines and the potential consciousness grid of the planet are in coherence with possible electromagnetic flux lines. Therefore, because electromagnetism is the main force of the material Universe and our mind is no exception because it operates through electricity, EM fields can trigger changes in the mind of a person. Whether the flux lines exist or not is yet to be discovered through scientific methods. It is still interesting to consider however, that most of the ancient monuments are indeed built on or near locations where electromagnetic anomalies are present, or in other words - locations where electromagnetic flux lines are intersecting, creating vortexes of energy.

The theory of the electromagnetic flux lines creating these energy vortexes through their intersection is a very solid theory that can explain the present anomalies, which if proven to be right would also prove the ancients knew how the Earth's EM field operates very well and built their sctructures to get the best out of it. The big pyramid in Giza for example, is located right in the center of the Earth where multiple ley lines are crossing paths.

[Consciousness grid according to Drunvalo next to the actual ley lines]


Eelectromagnetic fields (eletricity and magnetism) are made out of moving photons that exchange information between one another. Photons also create light, therefore you can view electromagnetism as something similar to "light", but also capable of producing electricity with the right means. However, since every photon has  a different wavelenght and we can see only 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, we cannot see many of the electromagnetic fields around us with our naked eyes. The electromagnetic force can also affect our brain and our mind. Many experiments done proved that to some extend, it is of no coincidence that the brain-mind operates through electricity. Electromagnetism can also affect matter - atoms can absorb photons to increase their energy and all matter can therefore, be affected by electromagnetic fields composed from different wavelenghts to some extend. Based on this, it is theoretically possible for the human mind to be influenced in a positive or a negative way through electromagnetic fields depending on the information the field carries if it is strong enough. Knowing all this, it seems completely possible for the people of ancient civilizations to had built their structures on such places, so they can be used for certain rituals in which they go into a state of trance or different "level of consciousness". It is also worthy to note that most of the structures built on such places with electromagnetic anomalies, are made of material with crystalized properties (the great pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge are a perfect example), as crystals' atomic structures are extremely coherent, allowing them to transfer and intensify electromagnetic energy. 

In other words, some monuments acted as energy amplifiers placed on locations where there is a lot of energy anyway. This seems very unlikely to be a coincidence considering how many of the ancient monuments and structures with some sort of crystalized properties are located on energy vortexes. According to Sal Rachele and Drunvalo Melchizedek, the building of ancient monuments on these particular locations of Earth, was done in order to balance the energies of the planet so different natural disasters, such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, etc. do not happen due to its disbalance of the energies.

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