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In the end of the '40s and the beginning of the '50s numerous messages regarding UFOs started to appear in the world press. According to the former associate of the "Secret Services" Milton William Cooper (Bill Cooper), atleast 17 foreign UFO spacecrafts were forcefully grounded between 1947-1952 in which 65 small, non-human beings were found dead with only one survivor.

Bill Cooper was born on May 6th 1961 and is the son of a Lieutenant in USAF ( United States Air Force ). He graduated in Yamato High School in Japan during 1961 and applied in USAF the same year. Bill Cooper quickly rised in his official position, he dealed daily with nuclear warheads and worked somewhat with the "Secret Services". In the end of 1960s he was sent as a patrol captain in Vietnam. During his time of working in the Navy and later on in Indo-China, Bill Cooper constantly observed UFOs. After military operation in Vietnam in 1970, he was awarded with an "Order of Merit" and moved into the scouting (intelligence) of the Navy. There he recieved access to top secret information (Top-Secret-Majestic-Material), which he could view as a member of the leadership in the Intelligence Briefings Team and as a commander of the Pacific Fleet. This was the beginning of his career ending in the Secret Services. In those top secret documents Bill Cooper reviewed reports regarding underground military bases, UFOs and contact with alien lifeforms. He also realized that the Naval intelligence were involved in the death of John Kennedy and that his secret agent William Greer (Kennedy's limo driver) shot him in the head. This information struck him hard so he decided to quit the Secret Services and turn to the society. In the beginning things did not went as he had planned - his friend Bob Swann managed to bring Cooper back. Swann is the person who told Cooper about the Kennedy's death, UFOs, The Secret Government and the New World Order. During that time Bill Cooper started to give information to a reporter and this is why he was hit by black limo on the highway and falled from the rocks. He survived thanks to his killer's deception of thinking he was dead. After a month, Cooper was hit again by the same limo and lost one of his legs.

While he was in hospital, he was visited by 2 men who told him to shut up otherwise the next time he will be dead for sure. Bill Cooper promised to keep quiet. He managed to keep quiet for 16 years. In the end of the '80s Cooper decided to reveal his information to the public. He thought of a good strategy - Cooper sent a part of the information to about 1000 members from the Congress, Senate and other important places. He also published the information to the whole world through a computer network. Once the information was released, killing Cooper became meaningless or even dangerous for the "intelligence". His first plan worked well. The opposite side tried, with all their power, to take away his opportunity to express his views and discredited him. They called him a fraud, dreamer, nazi, rasist and other things. The "rasist" definition was very stupid as he was married to a chinese woman. Bill Cooper was killed during a shootout on 11.05.2001 - seemingly trying to escape (according to the official version). The information that Bill Cooper had released to the public was regarding the
NSA, CIA, MJ12, Project "Blue Book", Project "Sigma" and others.

[ Bill William Cooper ]


During 1947 a special division was created by the America's top scientists under the code name "Sign", which purpose was to investigate the alien (UFO) phenomenons. In December 1948, project "Grudge" was created from "Sign". The increasing number of the spotted and forcefully grounded UFOs gave the president Truman a reason to create the "NSA" on 4th November 1952. The members of the committee were the president, the vice-president, the military minister and 2 dignitaries. Secret organizations, especially the CIA, were created with the main purpose of dealing with the investigation on the UFOs phenomenons and keeping them in secret. One of the members was the american military minister - James Forrestal. But because of his idealistic and religious reasons, Forrestal disappoved to keep that information in secret. 

He started talking to MPs from the Congress about the UFO issues, and this turned out to be the reason for of his resign requesting by president Truman. James Forrestal refused to resign and continued to express his concerns regarding the UFO issues. Many people that do not know the real hidden reasons, considered him paranoic. It was officialy announced that Forrestal suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized in the Naval hospital - Bethseda. But actually they were afraid that he might have continued talking, therefore he needed to be isolated and discredited. And so James Forrestal (a man who was one of the most significant figures in U.S. earlier at that time) "commited a suicide" under mysterious circumstances according to the mainstream version. One of the first people to had talked about the planned execution of James Forrestal was Bill Cooper. He stated that on May 22th 1949, CIA agents tied a sheet around Forrestal's neck, the other end of the sheet was tied in end of the room and Forrestal was thrown through the window. The sheet torned up, he falled on the floor and turned into one of the first victims of the "suppression".

[ James Forrestal ]

Bill Cooper wrote the following about the NSA's purpose:

- "It's main purpose is to decrypt the communication and language of the alien species and to manage a contact with them. This extremely urgent task is the sequel of previous efforts and it is named with code name "Sigma". Another mission is  covering  the already spread all over the world communications and emissions regardless of their origins - earthly or alien, as well as covering the information from the "intelligence services" about the presence of aliens which purpose is the creation of good cooperation between the U.S. and the aliens. The Project "Sigma" ends up successful. (Furthermore the "Council" keeps a communication with base "Moon" and its secret cosmic projects). Entering the "White House" as a president during 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower is aware that the UFO problem will get even more serious. During the first year of his management, more UFOs starts to land and the civilian observers are hundreds. Eisenhower asks his friend and member of the Council of Foreign Relations - Nelson Rockfeller for help. The president decides not to draw the Congress into the secret. In his cooperation with Rockfeller, Eisenhower creates the basis for the creation of a secret group (Majestik 12), so the problems with UFOs can be viewed and investigated at the highest possible level of security."


According to Bill Cooper, a secrect contact with the aliens was made during February 1954. The aliens announced they come from the red star's system in the constellation of Orion. The president Eisenhower met with the aliens on 20th February 1954 and an unofficial agreement was signed between them. According to Bill Cooper the agreement says the aliens will not interfere in the government's work and they won't interfere in the aliens' work, but they have to keep their presence on Earth in secret. The aliens shall provide them technology and help them in the scientific development as well. Also the aliens were not allowed to make an agreement with other earthly nations. They were given the right to abduct a limited number of people during certain intervals of time with the purpose of medical research of the human evolution upon one condition - the abducted will not be damaged in any way and will be brought back to the place from which they were taken. The abducted must not have any memories of what happened after they were brought back. The aliens were obligated to regularly provide a list with the names of all the people they had a contact with to MJ 12(Majestik 12). Also the U.S. and the aliens had to exchange 16 representatives with the purpose of mutual understanding. They agreed that every nationality (earthly and alien) should accept emissaries from one another until this agreement was in power. While the alien-guests are on Earth some earthly people should have been travelling towards their planet. Another critical point in the agreement was the creation of underground equipment (bases) which had to be provided to the aliens. Common underground polygons in which the exchange of technology between earthlings and aliens was done had to be built as well - these underground bases were  Area 51 in Nevada, Delce in New Mexico and Mount Weather in Bluemont, Virginia as a central of the secret confederation.

This whole information about UFOs which was written in the documents of Projects "Blue Book" and "Sigma" was also confirmed by John Lear ( one of the most famous pilots in the history of U.S.A.). In the mid '80s he used his excellent contacts with the "Air Force" and the "Secret Services" to investigate the UFO topic on his own. During 1987 John Lear came out to the public with the results of his investigation and confirmed the existence of an agreement between the U.S.A. and the E.T.s. He also confirmed that multiple abductions are the work of our alien-partners.

[ John Lear ]

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