March 26, 2017

Given the choice between pleasure or pain every reasonable individual would choose pleasure. Whether we experience it physically or mentally, it makes us happy, therefore constant happiness can be acquired only when the individual constasntly experiences some sort of pleasure.


Each person finds different things pleasurable, therefore each one's happiness lies within different things. When the individual acquires the things which fulfill his interests he is in constant pleasure, thus he becomes constantly happy. Acknowledging what has been said so far, does this mean that happiness is something that exist in the world outside, waiting for us to grab it, or is it an inward making? We said it is true that for a person to be happy, he is bound to acquire the things needed for that purpose. Are not all things however, products of Life itself? Can anything, that is graspable, exist without being a part of Life? No, because Life is everything that is begotten. Therefore the things which bring about happiness to every individual exist outside of himself as parts of Life. It is the person however, who decides what are his interests and the means by which he desires to acquire happiness, thus happiness is an inward making by gathering things from outside.


Man has a temple within himself which he fills with things that are essential for his happiness and well-being. If the individual fills this temple with everything that fulfill his interests then he is constantly happy; he looks at Life from the window of his temple and regardless of what he sees outside, man is always happy for he is residing within complete fulfillment. In other words - when man has accomplished successfully his journey in acquiring everything needed for his happiness, he does not care what the world may throw at him for he sees everything through the eyes of his inner happy beingness. When the individual however, is incapable of acquiring the things which fulfill his interests, he becomes unhappy, because the desire of acquiring happiness naturally leads to unhappiness when failed to be acquired. Unhappiness then, brings about self-destructive thoughts and emotions. And since no reasonable individual would desire to destroy himself he lets those thoughts and emotions out into the world. He lets them out in the form of anger and the desire to overpower others in whatever aspect he sees best. The unhappy individual sees Life through the window of his poorly made temple, always being jealous of other people's temples (happiness).


Isn't it true however, that all things in this world are unlasting, each one having an end? Therefore even him who is happy, by acquiring his unlasting things to make up his temple, is bound to become unhappy when those things meet their end. Then, the only way for man to be happy eternally is to set his interest in something which is eternal in nature and therefore try to acquire it. But isn't it Life the only eternity? And isn't it true that man is a part of Life itself? The very experience of Life is a blessing on its own, and him who's interest is experiencing Life is bound to be happy eternally for he has already acquired the fulfillment of this interest.

"You need nothing to be happy - you need something to be sad."
- Mooji

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