March 14, 2017

Our body has 5 senses that sent information taken from the outside world to the brain for a decoding process, thus we experience reality. Our thoughts however, define how perceive that reality. When the thought process reaches an extreme state of believing, it could manipulate completely the reality we experience. This is called hypnosis. For example - you can eat a potato having the taste of an apple as you perceive it to be such. This is possible when you implant this belief into the subconscious mind that controls the perception.


Now imagine for a moment that you are having one of those super realistic dreams that you believe is reality. Let's say for example that you will never wake up from that dream. Since you believe your dream is reality, you will perceive that dream as the real deal. You will be under hypnosis by your own thoughts and beliefs experiencing the dream just as real as the world you're experiencing at this very moment. In your dream you will be able to feel, smell, see, hear and taste what you are dreaming. How will you know if you are dreaming or not? Perhaps the only way would be to die in your dream.

Many spiritual teachings see this world as a dream, an illusion which represent a very limited reality that is part of a greater Creation which contain more than what meets our eyes. Qabbalah and Hindu philosophy for example, talk about three distinct worlds existing parallely in a way similar to the television channels - they all share the same space but reside within different frequency bands. If you turn on one channel that does not mean the rest of the channels had seized to exist. In the same way our consciousness is connected to the source of all parallel worlds, but when it is embedded in the physical world, it experiences only this reality because of the senses' limitations.


An explanation of how our consciousness and mind work in connection with the Multiverse (Universe with multiple parallel worlds) can be found in the hermetic teachings of the egyptian god Thoth also known as Hermes Trismegistus, which are in coherence with the Qabbalistic teachings and the Yogic views of the mind. According to the stated philosophical views and spiritual teachings, our consciousness begins within the point from which all worlds are created. They view the consciousness as a product of the spirit, where the spirit represents the will of the Creator/The All/Brahman/God, etc. The spirit creates everything through consciousness. As the consciousness spreads (expands) out from its center, it gets more gross until it reaches a point where it is so embedded in form, that it creates the physical world. The soul of a person is the experience of that same consciousness which expresses itself in all sorts of forms and forces. So in a very simplistic explanation, our soul is connected to the source of creation from which all worlds emerge. And the further the soul goes away from the source, the more gross experience it has. The forms of our physical world are extremely gross, therefore they completely veil the oneness felt within the worlds closer to the source where the boundries of form are non-existent. When we experience this reality, it means that our soul/mind does that through the physical body's senses. But because the soul is the driver of the body, it can control its perceptions regardless of what its senses decode as reality.

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