March 30, 2017


The Templars aquiring the Ark of the Covenant during the 12th century, devoted their will towards understanding the knowledge contained within it. Bernard of Clairvaux, the great sage and monk, sitting for hours on a stone in the center of the cave found on Mont Chauve hill, was struck by a meditative fatigue. He was then pulled into the cosmic field by the laws manifesting inside a pyramidal structure. Bernard once again had a vision of the God's Angel who took his spirit back in time to the point of Creation itself and the making of the first souls. The Angel accompanied him from the the Genesis to the end of Creation. During that travel, in which the whole information was manifested simultaneously (past, present and future), Bernard recognized the interrelationships of all existences and was able to understand the content of the plates within the Ark, which he later on explained to his companions. After a certain period of time devoted in studying the knowledge which Bernard brought back from his trip, the others understood that everything he saw in his visions was real, they also understood the whole history of mankind, as well as the meaning and purpose of all existences, genesis and the cosmic and physical laws.


After Lothar W. Göring (author of "Apokalypse Seele", "Phänomen Leben: Die Suche nach der Seele ist zu Ende" and "Organentnahme nach Hirntod") became one of the five people to had been given information from the documents of the Ark, began his search of the Mont Chauve's pyramid and found it exactly where it was described in the documents. After the pyramid was found, Lothar Göring and the other people who had the information from the documents, began to go into the cave under the pyramid to experiment for themselves what laws and effects are manifesting. They soon realized that all phenomena described by Bernard to happen inside the strucutre of a pyramid really do happen. Moreover what they end up finding was that the physical structure of a pyramid does not play a cruical role for producing those phenomena. The mentoined effects also manifest and appear when a person imagines that he is standing inside a pyramid, or in other words - a virtual pyramid. It seemed like that what we consider to be reality was just the materialization of our thoughts. The imaginated images by the human mind act as a scaffold (a base construct) that keeps matter in a form which could be decoded by the human senses. This was later on discovered by Quantum Physics - that the individual's observation and expectation manifest reality.


With their research on the documents, the Templars were blessed with knowledge of the cosmic laws through which the Universe occured and exist even to this day. According to Stefan Erdmann, they realized that the appereance of all beingness is affected by an existing creative force (energy, order, God) and they are created by this force's mental power. The Templars also understood why the souls have to integrate themselves with the, created by God, material beings and why that is the only way for the Creative Mind to be completed and whole. The Templars, keeping their knowledge in secret, postulated that the numerous biological systems on Earth, which appeared throughout the whole history of our planet, were not a "coincidence", but had for their creator that "Creative Mind". The Templars were of the opinion that beings created by the Creator's mental power are composed of particles emerging from within a "cosmic spiritual field". Those "particles" connect with one another through certain physical and spiritual laws which lead to the existence of a "Soul". Inside the Soul they claimed to have been stored not only the whole current life plan of the person (holographically manifested as a vibrational frequency), but also all of his previous lives. This idea of infinitely small particles which create all physical and non-physical existences (both matter and mind) was also postualted by the great philosopher Gottfried Leibniz.

According to the Templars' documents, what makes people different from the representatives of all other biological systems is that the human beings have a greater mind which gives them the potential to become Creators themselves. The Templars also learnt that the whole cosmos is filled with those infinitely small particles, leaving no empty space at all.

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