March 29, 2017

According to some authors claiming to have acquired information from the secret lodges of the ancient templars, the story begins on 14th April, 1094 A.D. when the young french knight Bernard of Clairvaux recieves a vision which turns out to be a turning point in history. Here we must point out that the exact birthdate of Bernard is unknown. Different sources point out to be somewhere between 1080 and 1084 A.D. However it is certain that he died in 1153 A.D. and was buried in Cluny. We have to suppose that the Templars and the Cistercians knew his original birthdate. After all Bernard was one of the most significant Cistercians, which even to this day possess great ancient richess dating back from thousands of years ago. He was also "the last of the church fathers" and possessed an immense amout of occult and theosophical knowledge and understanding. Nowadays "The Order of the Templars" and "The Order of the Cistercians" are looked at separately. The Order of  the Cistercians was found in 1098 A.D. being the older one. Without any doubts "The Order of the Templars" was created from the mental wealth and worldviews of The Cistercians with the purpose to serve the Cistercians with their "instruments". The Order of  the Templars was looked at as a child of the Cistercians. We're also not so far away from concluding that during the 14th century the templars were sacrificed for their mission was accomplished. It is generally accepted that Papa Climent V and King Philip IV are responsible for the brutal destruction of the Templars. That however, could not be proven to be true, but in any case the Cistercians were involved into the decision making of sacrificing their Templars.


At the end of a ministration, Bernard stayed in the church after everyone had left for he had an inner impulse to do so. As he sat there sinked in deep thought, a vision (in the form of an "Angel of God") appeared to him, telling Bernard to go into the "Holy Lands" of Jerusalem and dig out, the buried by Solomon, "Ark of the Covenant" from a temple near Calotte located on a rock, and then transport it to France by ship. In his works, Bernard wrote that he was told by this angel to bring the "Ark" to Southern France in a place near the nowadays town "Nice". After that, he was instructed to build a pyramid on "Mont Chauve Hill" where a cave is located, with precise sizes and oriented towards certain directions of the planet. According to the  "Angel", the content of the "Ark" was to be integrated in a new way as people had evolved enough once again to perceive and understand the cosmic laws and how God created everything and every Soul through his mental power. The "Angel" later on told Bernard that the meaning and the purpose of every existence is written inside the "Ark", and that the last time this knowledge was uncovered before humanity was thousands of years ago. 


What Bernard was asked to do by the "Angel" in his vision was almost impossible during this period of time as the "Holy Lands" were overrun by people with Islamic faith. After many struggles Bernard and Pope Urban II managed to assemble an army and convinced them to fight for the "Holy Lands". Bernard then, managed to go to the place described to him by the "Angel" in his vision and found the "Ark" exactly where he was told to look for it. The "Ark" turned out to be not only a valuable "chest", but also containing 19 stone sarcophaguses and 30 little caskets. The stone sarcophaguses contained leather scrolls with scripts and drawings all over them. There were also, what seemed to be, samples of unknown materials, as well as specifically cut crystals, mechanical devices with unknown usage and many unknown for that time objects. In 1119 A.D. the insides of the "Ark" were loaded in ships and transported to Southern France as requested in Bernard's vision. After arriving in Southern France they took the stone sarcophaguses to "Mont Chauve" and started building the pyramid near the cave, using the stones residing on the hill. After the pyramid was constructed, the templars opened the sarcophaguses and started to inspect, analyze and translate the documents.

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