March 28, 2017


In the book "Geheimakte Bundeslade", Stefan Erdmann wrote about the story of the Templars and their knowledge through which they became very powerful in a very short period of time. This knowledge is considered, by the author, to be a legacy left behind by the civilization of Atlantis in the form of the "Ark of Covenant". Stefan Erdmann does an incredible job linking the "Ark" with the Atlantean civilization.

Historians claim that multiple "arks" were built throughout our history, but since most of the ancient libraries containing writings of every form were destroyed, humanity is left only with the capability to guess the truth about this topic. The Templars found not only the "Ark", but also 19 testimonies (plates) inside of it. According to Erdmann, the information on those testimonies was written in a geometrical language.


Nowadays the majority of the people are not informed that there was not only one ark. The history of the "Ark of Covenant" that appears thousands of years later in the "Old Testament", is a copy in its origin of much older legends regarding the sacred testimonies known as "the stones of destiny". The questions we should be asking today should be about the point, the mission, the origin of the testimonies and the "Ark" in which they were kept and transported. Usually when we talk about the "Ark", we refer to the  jewish coffin, in which according to the "Old Testament", Moses had put the "God's orders". Before we follow this story, let's recall a little information about the biblical story.


The ancient jewish cult object is also called "The Ark of God" or "The Ark of Yahweh", which represents a wooden chest, gilded inside and outside, has massive golden cover with 2 golden cherubims on top.  According to the legends, the plates with the "God's Orders" which Moses received personally from God are stored in it. During their travel through the desert, the israelis were carrying it with them in order to preserve those plates, which are also known as the "plates of the union". At some point in their journey, the "Ark" was robbed by philistines, but was later on regained and brought to Jerusalem, where it was kept in the sanctuary of a temple.

In the "Old Testament", the biblical god (one of the many) ordered Moses to create the "Ark of the Covenant". The God himself gave precise instructions on how it should be made. It had to be made from acacian wood, gilded both from the inside and outside and the cover to be overlaid with lath. According to the instructions, metal rods were to be prepared for carrying. On both sides of the cover two figures of angels from wrought gold with outspread wings should be placed. They had to be turned face to face, their eyes looking at the cover and their wings spread above it. The necessary measurements about the size were also given in great details.


Many scientists argue on this topic and they have every right to, because many specialists today think that the biblical Moses was actually the historical Akhenaten (Amenophis IV, 18th. dynasty, 1372-1354 B.C.), who puts a different light to the whole story about the "jewish" ark. The "Ark of Covenant" seems to be an egyptian cult object. A lot of the names used in the biblical legends and their history find their origins in Egypt, and deeper studies about Egypt reveals that this ancient civilizaiton seemed to be closely connected to Atlantis. 


Let's go 450 000 years ago and look at the story of the Anunnakis. According to the Sumerian tablets there was an alien race which came on Earth from a planet (named "Nibiru") residing within our solar system. The annunakis purpose here was to mine gold in order to fix the atmosphere of their planet. They possessed "something" tangible which they considered to be so divine as to be called the "Holy Powers", those tangible objects they named "ME". They were considered to be plates (stones) which were a tool for communication, or said from a supernatural perspective - divine oracles, which possess divine power. There is a theory that "ME" were actually the "plates" stored within the "Ark of the Covenant".

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