March 16, 2017

The individual who is familiar with physics knows that everything is vibrating energy. And he who is familiar with quantum physics knows that those vibrations represent information that contains many possibilities. This information-vibration is the very core of the Universe, there is no solid matter, but only energy following information in the form of vibrations. In 2005, Stefan Erdmann wrote a book named "Geheimakte Bundeslade" in which he explained the findings of his research about the "Ark of Covenant" found by the Templars in 12th century. The "Ark" found contained 19 ancient writings explaining the cosmic laws and secrets behind the person's "soul". According to those writings our individualized consciousness (the soul of a person) is manifesting itself as a certain vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency stores the current life-plan of a person along with the memories of his past lives. He postulates that these frequencies, according to the Templars findings, are stored within very tiny particles which create the "soul". Gottfried Leibniz, the great philosopher of old, also believed that everything in the Universe (including a peron's soul) to be made of infinitely small particles called "monads". 

According to some public speakers and also according to spiritual teachers, our consciousness is in a sense connected to the very core of the Universe, or the reverse is correct as well - the Universe is happening within it, where the information about everything that exist is stored and is manifesting itself as vibrational frequencies (energy). The human senses however, are capable of decoding and translating only a certain low frequency band of vibrations, therefore we see and experience a very tiny fraction of everything that exist. The world we see and experience around us is only in our head and body. The body senses translate vibrations so the individual is capable of perceiving a "solid world" through his eyes. Quantum physics tells us that the act of observing determines reality, our mind creates a physical form out of the information stored in the form of vibrations within the Universe. That being said, infinite number of possibilities of how the world may look like may exist, but being limited by his material senses, the individual is deprived of his capability to experience them all. A person for example, hears not the dog whistle even though it is true to say that it produces a high frequency sound.

Considering all this, we know for sure that there are certain things we cannot detect with our eyes and ears. This however, applies to the rest of our senses as well - we cannot touch, smell and taste "things" residing within such frequencies that render our senses useless for perceiving. Therefore it wouldn't be a lie to say that it is completely possible for parallel worlds to exist, each one residing within a different frequency band. Are television channels not sharing the same space, but existing within different frequency bands? Isn't it true that one can turn on a certain TV channel while the rest continue to exist simultaneously as well? Similarly perhaps, everywhere in the Universe multiple worlds exist, each one within a different frequency band.


We're an infinite potential of possibilities and everything is possible (literally). Our mind gives us the power to think, and our thoughts, as Masaru Emoto had demonstrated through his water expertiments, have their own vibrational frequencies. Since our thoughts are frequencies of vibrations and all energy in the Universe is dependent on vibrations, we can affect the material world through our thoughts as matter is composed of energy, thus the "law of attraction" is produced. Perhaps then some individuals mat be capable "super-natural" deeds. In the end of 2016, some authorities postulated that CIA released "Declassified Documents" which confirmed the existence of "superhumans" among us.Some of these documents included information about chinese children with certain abilities and one of them being Zhang Baosheng, which Jan Udo Holey wrote about 15 years ago in his book - "Die Kinder des neuen Jahrtausends". Because most of the people that claim to have such abilities however, are frauds, the humanity becomes skeptical and develop an pessimistic character towards the fundamental truths of life. Certain chinese bloodlines pass on their teachings of meditation through which one achieves such abilities only for the purpose of healing, thus they give a vow never to reveal these arts to any individual that is not part of the bloodline for if this art becomes common throughout the whole world, the ignorant would use it for the worst things imaginable.


Imagine that you are a laptop and you have the wi-fi connected to the internet. The "internet" represents infinite number of possibilities existing as electromagnetic information . You use your web browser to pull out a certain information from the Internet. Then your laptop translates that electromagnetic information into a "solid world" which appears on your screen as pictures, words and numbers. In summary - you cannot see the internet, but you know it is there. The information that your wi-fi pulls from the Internet is not solid, but electromagnetic, which your laptop translates for you into pictures, words and numbers. In the same way we have the consciousness (wi-fi) of the human body (laptop), which is connected to the Universe (internet) and uses the mind (web browser) to experience reality.

Now imagine that a firewall is installed on the laptop which blocks the access to certain parts of the internet. Your wi-fi still has the potential to connect to the Internet, but since there is a firewall on your laptop, you will be able to pull a limited information from it. In the same way a firewall is being installed on humans. That firewall is implanted into the mind (which controls the perception) and it limits your experience. The firewall in the human case are "belief systems". Beliefs that: 
- This and that do not exist, this is impossible, i'm helpless, I am little me, this is the truth and this is the lie, etc. 
That way even if the consciousness is connected to the unlimited potential of the Universe, you will be able to pull only a certain information out of it accordingly to your beliefs. 

One is literally limiting himself by having the belief of knowing with certainty what is right, what is wrong, what is possible and what is impossible. The lack of beliefs lead towards the seeking of knowledge about one's self and the world. The individual slowly begins to realize that he is infinite potential of possibilities.

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