March 22, 2017


The ego of a person can be extremely harmful, because it often makes one reject valuable information. On a biological level there are specific neurons and neutransmitters which trigger a "defensive state" when we think and feel that our thoughts need to be protected from the opinions of others. If we are confronted with contrary opinions, the chemicals being released in the brain are the same as the ones produced when trying to ensure our survival in dangerous situations. In this state the primal part of the brain takes control and the individual cannot think rationally, thus physically causing "narrow-mindedness". On a neural level we react as if our life is being threatened even if that threat comes from harmless opinions which we might find helpful in different situations. 


Albert Einstein had said:
More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego. 

The lesser the ego you have, the more knowledge you will be able to absorb. You will not deny possibilities and information just because it may not fit within the boundaries of your "comfort zone". Every truth is but a half-truth, therefore the reasonable individual researches before he accepts or denies whatever it may be. The more ego one has, the more it'll influence him in denying a probable valuable information. No person should take any information which he may receive as false just because he may not be familiar with it. People often judge information through their beliefs, thus blindly stating what is possible and what is not, believing they are right. If one desires to limit someone else's sense of what is possible, he would only need to limit the information that the target receives. The individual often limits his own self through his ego which limits the information he receives. The more information we absorb, the more our sense of what is possible grows. 


The difference between "Ego" and "self-esteem" is that the Ego is based on the individual's beliefs, thus blindly denying everything that does not seem to fit in his comfort zone, where self-esteem means that the individual knows who he is and is happy by his own nature regardless of other opinions. It means that one can accept being imperfect and yet feel good about himself, he is curios about things outside of his comfort zone and is not scared of not knowing, for he does not see the lack of knowledge or physical attributes as something which makes him less valuable as a human being - that is self-esteem.

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

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