February 25, 2017

Being different should not be considered as being more or less valuable. The individual usually judges those termed "different" because of fear. The majority of humans are used to perceive the same things and following the same daily routines throughout their whole lives, therefore when faced with something new they tend to label it as "good" or "bad", "beautiful" or "ugly", "worthy" or "worthless". This tendency to judge everything new is because the individual fears that which is unknown, thus he feels the need to analyze it before he engages it personally. Most people are not open to things that are outside of their comfort zone for this very reason. We are so used on repeating certain behavior patterns that our very life becomes dependent on them. Sometimes the individual may desire a change which, if possible, should not last long, as he is afraid of losing permanently his current lifestyle, knowledge, ideas and prejudices which he finds comfortable. To be afraid of the unknown means to be afraid of Life, thus people are locking themselves inside their comfortable cage and throw away the key.


The word "Different" has 2 major qualities from the perspective of society - physical appearance and mindset. Most people judge others based on their physical appearance at first glance. This makes the physical appearance considered to be the most important quality in a person - this is a sign of low mental growth that does not see past the dual nature of life and therefore does not respect other people's choices. Society and its system of operating does not work towards the solution of this problem, but rather makes it even worse, for it encourages the behavior of preliminary judging. Since the majority of population lives with the subconscious mindset of "Appearance describes the nature of a person", we live in a world where depression is common.


Nobody's the same as everyone else and it is wrong to put everybody under the same label. For example, even if the majority of the people who choose to wear blue clothes were to be unjust, wearing blue jeans is not going to make you unjust yourself. Sadly, the majority of people actually do put everyone under the same label depending on their physical qualities. Let's take "white" people for example, as they are considered to be the majority of human population. "White people" do not do unjustice towards other "white people" as much as they tend to do towards every other "race". "White" individuals however, were responsible for some of the major cataclysms in the world. Isn't this way of judging hypocritical then? Regardless of their skin color, people can still be hypocrites. If people are to judge by appearance and put other people from different "races" or "groups" under one label, then they should do that to themselves too whether they are black, white, good, bad, christians, muslims, etc. Whoever thinks that his "race" or his "type" of people is the ultimate just and had never done anything unjust to anyone is clearly ignorant. Even if we are to take that to be the case, it does not mean that such individual cannot turn out to be unjust. Each "category", or "label", or "group", or "race" had people done unjust in the past, and even if that statement was false, it would not secure any individual his quality of justice, he has to prove it through his thoughts, words and actions. Our current behavior as a specie is hypocritical - we judge and spit on others, but we don't want to feel bad so we don't judge ourselves, thinking that we are perfect - this very behavior is showing unjustice towards oneself, for the individual judges others, but cares not to do just towards himself by exercising judging upon his self.

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